Best practices for email or how to not get overwhelmed by your email: Archiving

I often get asked why I am not complaining that I get too many emails, like most people. Well, maybe I don’t, or maybe the way I got organized work well for me.

As I thought there’s a chance that the latter may the reason, I decided to share so that more of you also stop complaining :-)

Here the fist in my series of a couple of posts, this one about archiving.

  1. Archive every email.
    Archive incoming as well as outgoing mail, all of them. You never know what will be useful, one day, and the mere thought “should I archive or not” takes time. 
    So, just archive everything, and save time.
  2. Do not file anything.
    With modern operating systems, search is quick and efficient. Filing just takes a lot of time, and whatever your filing system is, chances are you won’t find the email you so well filed today in 3 years from now.
    So, just drop all emails in one single folder, and safe time.
  3. When you need an email, use search
    Make yourself comfortable with the search options you have, but chances are you’ll find just about any email in a couple of seconds, which is way less in my experience that the time other people spend on filing.