What is The Newer York Times?

Connecting New York, in a Newer Way.

New York is a growing city, a culturally diverse city that has much to offer to its average citizen. With a population of over 8 million and 304.6 million square miles of land, this city is massive and rich in amenities. So rich that one may not know where to even begin.

Sure, tourist guides are a thing, but they are just static maps that don’t update and are often years old. They don’t have any sort of interactiveness in them and are often boring to look act.

The Newer York Times aims to be the 21st century guide to the vastness of New York City. This digital-only publication is focused heavily on digital interactivity and social interaction. It’s primary purpose is to open up and connect the residents and visitors of New York City like never before. It is an access guide to 304.6 million square miles that lives on your phone, that is fueled by it’s readers’ submitted content as well as content from an editorial team.

TNYT has 3 sections to it: a hyperlocal news source organized by neighborhood and borough, reviews of cultural attractions and places like restaurants and bars, and an events locator that reports on events such as concerts, parades, protests and celebrations, to name a few. While all three of these categories differ in their content, they are all connected by one interactive feature: a map.

The map itself is based off of the New York City subway map, meaning that it takes that same subway map and makes it interactive for the user. Stops can be clicked/tapped on to show stories, events and places of interest nearby, which the user can choose to add to a list of places they want to visit. It even offers transit directions on how to get to a specific place from the app, should the user wish to go to a place they highlight.

The Three Parts that make up TNYT

Hyperlocal News

An integral part of TNYT is it’s hyperlocal news outlet. This part of the publication would function as a regular publication that reports on general news and happenings throughout the boroughs in NYC. These stories and articles are created by a staff of reporters that go out and report in neighborhoods. It’s also the place where profiles, op-eds and video stories can be found.

Cultural Reviews

This part of the publication focuses on reviewing cultural establishments such as restaurants, galleries and independent theaters. Much like Yelp, it’s meant to be a hub around things to see and experience in NYC that is entirely run by user submissions, of course with editorial moderation. This part of the app can connect to delivery services like Postmates and Seamless to order food to your home, or request rides through Uber or lyft.

Happenings Hub

The final part of the TNYT experience is the Happenings Hub. This is where the reader can find events that are going on all around the city. It can display events such as concerts, protests, and social gatherings. It encourages the reader to attend these “happenings” and socialize with other readers of the app. Like the Cultural reviews section, one can request a taxi ride or obtain directions to an event.

The Newer York Times is meant to be a 21st Century guide to New York City, that serves as an all-in-one publication that lives as an app on your phone. It encourages social interaction and exploration of New York City, opening one up to the vast cultural landscape to not just those that live here, but to anyone who comes to New York. This app can be the New York City Native that guides them around the city.

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