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So how about those French elections a couple of months back? Not much of a betting man myself, however i did find a couple of Satoshi to throw a bet on Marine Le Pen, who I knew would have been a better candidate than that Macrothschild. I think you can wager a good guess as to how my bet went…..

This was my first experience in the Blockchain betting space, and while it was a wee bit of fun, the website I placed my bet on was:

  • centralised
  • had large fees
  • looked like an outdated version of windows 3.0

Hero ( plans to tackle all the above issues while focusing on the esports niche market. Could this make for a better punt than a emotionally driven Le Pen supporter with a handful of faucet change?

What is Hero?

Hero plans on changing the face of online esports betting by taking out the middleman, enabling cheaper and more transparent, peer to peer betting. The team behind Hero have been in the betting game since 2014 and are responsible for building the esport prediction market: which has daily user log of +1,000.

Problem Solving Proposition

Hero plans to tackle some of the biggest issues in the online sports betting market which include; centralised manipulation, expensive middlemen and trust issues from a lack of transparency. These will be solved by means of decentralisation, bookmaking the community, while giving transparent insight to betting operations.

Esports Market Trends

Esports is a relatively young but rapidly growing niche. Esports came to prominence a few short year ago, though gaming conventions and LAN tournaments with games such as Counter Strike and League of Legends. Goldman Sachs estimated the 2016 esports market at a value of $500 million with a expected growth rate of 22 percent annually compounded over the next three years into a more than $1 billion market.

Rise Of Esport Spectators

Audience growth in the esports market is also on the rise, with 2016 seeing more than 255 million people spectating in the esports arena. The rise of the esport audience is estimated to compound at a year over year rate of +10%.

Hero Token | Distribution

Herocoin (HERO) is a Ethereum ERC20 Token with a total supply of 2 Billion. Hero will only be distributing 30% of tokens to its investors during its ICO while holding the remaining 70% for the team, development, marketing and partnerships.

HERO Rewards Model

Token holders will be allocated a minimum of one percent of all the HERO volume played in the Hero system. Game creators are rewarded for their effort to create and manage games. Winning players will receive their respective part of the prize pool.

Use of ICO Funds

The use of funds gained from the ICO is well balanced with a 40% development and 30% marketing allocation. The team also plans to lockup 8% in a safety net.

Hero Team

Having already had several years experience in esports betting with, the Hero team have a running start on the competition with their advanced industry knowledge. The team are also in the enviable position of opening shop with a developed userbase. The Hero team are supported by an unusually large group of investors as with advisors.

Project Roadmap

Hero plan on releasing a closed beta of the Hero Dashboard in Q4 2017 with the official release in Q2 2018. This will be followed shortly after by a open API for other betting providers.

Hero Whitepaper


While esports is a very segmented niche of the betting industry, it does look to be gaining in popularity. If the virtual reality and augmented reality games space continue to grow at their current rates of expansion, we could see esports betting becoming a game changer for early investors. Watch this space.

Thanks for reading awesome peoples.

[Disclaimer: please do you own due diligence when investing and don’t solely take my point of view as the only angle. I highly recommend everybody dig through the projects bitcointalk, reddit and team linkedin profiles to help formulate your own opinion — I thank you so much for reading and wish you successful dividend returns]

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