-The Rhea Crypto Scammers- Detelin Sertov | Georgi Kirilov | Vesselin Antonov

****My apologies to anyone who invested in the Rhea ICO. I lost money on this ICO after the team closed the website without returning any funds to investors. Wallet holding all investor funds can been seen here:

I am more sad others may have invested based off this article. I want to keep this article up so we can hold evidence of this scammer team > Detelin Sertov | Georgi Kirilov | Vesselin Antonov < so these bastards can’t rip anyone else off. Will be extremely conservative should i decide to get back to writing articles on ICOs****


We’ve all heard of the S&P 500, NASDAQ and FTSE 100, in traditional finance. These indices are based on weighted averages pertaining to particular market segments. In a interesting development, crypto index investments have started to move into the ICO sector over the past few months. I have taken the time to diligently dig through the whitepapers to present to you my pick of the bunch (thus far)….. drum roll please………… The Rhea Token and It’s Crypto20 Index + Dividends.

Rhea CRYPTO20 Index

The Rhea CRYPTO20 is a weighted index of the top 20 cryptocurrencies defined by market capitalisation. Having a diverse selection of crypto indices decreases price volatility and gives the best indicators on overall market performance. Rhea will implement Options Trading on the CRYPTO20 index to give investors the ability to profit from market corrections via Call or Put Options .

Options Trading

Trading options on Rhea CRYPTO20 will enable hedging on the downside which can mitigate risk in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

Rhea (RHT) Token

The Rhea token with tikker (RHT) is ERC-20 compliant with the functionality in the Rhea dashboard for trading options, investing in cryptofunds and for dividend payments. Supply will depend on the success of the ICO with the maximum capped at 50M. 85% of (RHT) tokens will be offered during the ICO and the remaining 15% used for future liquidity of the platform. The Rhea team have made the unprecedented decision, not distribute tokens to the team, stating;

“We strongly believe in fair dealing, which is why we will not retain any tokens for the founding team”

Rhea Dividend Model

One of the most exciting aspects Rhea brings to the table for investors (missing from the competitor indices tokens) is its distributed dividend model. Rhea will distribute between 20% to 40% of profits from its trading fees to token holders quarterly. I would speculate this will be paid in (RHT) tokens based off the taken fees, but this has yet to be made official, so watch this space.

Rhea Team

Co-Founders Detelin and Georgi have backgrounds in hedge funds, trading and financial planning, extending back to their education. Vesselin (lead developer) will be the technical brains behind building the Rhea platform with his knowledge in C# and Java. Martina (design expert) & Lyubomira (marketing specialist) have done an exceptional job on the Rhea content assets, with the website, logo and whitepaper, all looking modern and professional.


Rhea have bookmarked a mid March 2018 release of their MVP platform. Should they hit cap during ICO, they will also be implementing a cryptofund for launch in August 2018.


Team expansion and platform development are the largest slices of the Rhea Budget, the team has also allocated 10% to holding provisions of liquidity.




Its a bold statement, but i’m a firm believer the crypto space will eventually triumph over traditional finance. When the big money moves into crypto, they will be looking for offerings that match the systems they just departed. The Rhea Crypto20 Index with options is exactly this and could be a major beneficiary of this transition. In turn the dividends this offering returns, could be a sizable sum for the smart few that bought in early.

Rhea ICO opens October 2nd! https://rheatoken.io/
Thanks for reading awesome peoples.

[Disclaimer: please do you own due diligence when investing and don’t solely take my point of view as the only angle. I highly recommend everybody dig through the projects bitcointalk, reddit and team linkedin profiles to help formulate your own opinion — I thank you so much for reading and wish you successful dividend returns]

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