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In today’s post, I want to delve into an interesting dividend crypto project called Proof. Proof has been in Pre-ICO for only 2 short days and has already raised over 1 million dollars.

What is Proof?

Proof in its most basic explanation, is a decentralised blockchain marketplace that can tokenise and trade fractionalised physical and non-physical assets. The marketplace will include assets such as; property, debt, equities, intellectual property and other cryptocurrencies just to name a few. Proof hopes to disrupt the traditional brokerage and institutional finance sectors, one token at a time.

Blockchain Proof

Proof’s asset marketplace will utilise blockchain smart contracts to facilitate transactions between users with inbuilt escrow management. Legal document deployment can also be leveraged by the Proof smart contract system.

Proof Dividends

Proof plans to issue all token holders with regular automated rewards from all activities
in the prediction markets that make up Proof’s AMP (Assurance Marketplace Protocol) implementation as well as a percentage of fees from all crypto-fiat purchases into perpetuity. Although the percentages and payout currencies are unclear at the time of writing, this looks to be one very promising feature for the investor and will be something to keep your eye on to gauge exact particulars.


One of the core features of the Proof dashboard will be the ability for token issuers to launch ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) through the MKR dashboard. Proof ICO MKR helps users to build ICO landing pages while assisting with various tools for managing the crowdsale.

Proof Wallet and Exchange

Proof have developed an android wallet application to assist users with the transfer of Bitcoin, Ethereum and user-generated tokens into and out-of the Proof Suite. There will also be the feature of fiat to crypto exchange in the proof dashboard, this will allow for the conversion of cyrptocurrency to fiat-pegged Crypto-USD and Crypto-Euro.

Proof Self-Regulation

Proof has developed a system of internal regulation, where users will be able to rate a token issuers track record in regards to Creditworthiness and Reputation Scores. This data is collected and stored on the Ethereum blockchain as a immutable record for future customers to assess, and determine feisablility of future offerings based on the issuers past performance history.

Proof Team

The team behind Proof are indeed intellectually capable of making this project a success. I had to read the whitepaper twice to get a crystal clear understanding of the Proof offering. Don’t get me wrong, its very well written, but to an average laymen investor (like myself), its a poetic minefield of technicalities, this (IMO) shows their in-depth knowledge of the underlying technology and its subsequent application.

Proof Whitepaper

In Closing

We’ve only just skimmed the surface of the proof offering, which has many tentacles, branching off into many different industry niches. The thing that excites me most about the Proof project (apart from the dividends model) is its positioning to facilitate the transition of traditional hedge funds into the blockchain world. These funds will be able to offer their own asset baskets through the Proof Dashboard with little technical barriers. Could this be a gamechanger? The Proof will be in the pudding ;) >> Pre-ICO now open:

Thanks for reading awesome peoples.

[Disclaimer: please do you own due diligence when investing and don’t solely take my point of view as the only angle. I highly recommend everybody dig through the projects bitcointalk, reddit and team linkedin profiles to help formulate your own opinion — I thank you so much for reading and wish you successful dividend returns]

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