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JornalismoColaborativo.com is a collaborative content and publishing portal comprising journalists, researchers and professionals from different market niches in several editorial segments. Collaborators are responsible for the investigation, editing and engaging of public interest features in spaces containing relevant news for both the scientific community and society in general.


JornalismoColaborativo.com restates its commitment as a social change agent and diffuser scientific of knowledge with the new international network CollaborativeJournalism.org.

We inspire and guide journalism students, writers and reporters to create and manage a website, magazine or blog with collaborative content, with the choice of using JornalismoColaborativo.com as a reference.

JornalismoColaborativo.com was nominated for Sociedade Brasileira de Estudos Interdisciplinares da Comunicação [Brazilian Society of Interdisciplinary Studies in Communication] — XXIII Intercom / Prêmico Expocom 2016. We were also featured on the 300th issue of Revista Imprensa in 2014 as a noteworthy startup. JornalismoColaborativo.com is also part of the network CollaborativeJournalism.org in partnership with Center of Cooperative Media, Google News Lab, Knight Foundation, Rita Allen Foundation, Democracy Fund, ProPublica, Center for Investigative Reporting, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, John S. Knight Fellowships at Stanford University, The Marshall Project, Agora Journalism Center, Alaska Energy Desk, Evrybit, ShineBIG, Channel X, Charlottesville Tomorrow, City Bureau, The Conversation US, The Coral Project, Detroit Journalism Cooperative, First Draft News, The Jefferson Center, NC Newsroom Cooperative, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, New America Media, One River, Opinary, Talking Eyes Media, Rennaissance Journalism, San Francisco State University, WBHM, WNYC, Solutions Journalism Network, Many Stories e a OpenNews.

JornalismoColaborativo.com or JornalismoColaborativo.com.br

The website name was chosen to improve recall through kinesthetic memory. When a person see or hear the words collaborative journalism, they will recall their first impression of collaborative journalism, thus making the name of our portal even more memorable.

Given how often texts and research on Collaborative Journalism are published, people will come in contact with this term several times, which will make it easier for them to remember the name of our portal.

Each of occurrence of the term collaborative journalism in digital and print media, radio or tv improve journalism and the freedom of press, considering the fact that its own name is a clear reference to our website address,

We use simple tools and procedures that are known by most working journalists. Communication professionals today must have at least a working knowledge of the new technology to succeed in the work environment.

Collaborative Journalism is made stronger when collaboration is also the modus operandi, which contributes with relevant information, creating opportunities for positive social change.

Collaboration in Journalism

Journalism has changed. The ways in which news are reported are now more numerous and have greater impact due to the migration of analogic mechanisms of the last century to the new digital standards of communication.

Thus, it is natural that the advance in instant communication and the access to digital media have contributed to the development of a more critically-thinking citizen who also participates in the news generating process. However, it is still up to journalists to consolidate the sources and check the collaborative content before publication.

Collaborative Journalism is more than street journalism. It is the continuous search of journalists to improve their communicate, investigate and present the news with popular engagement and participation.

Today, the control of information no longer belongs to one specific group, but to a large number of social-digital beings with strong presence in the creation of new news outlet, with space for scientific knowledge to be spread and the democratic production in several research fields.

This is why we invite you to be a part of the new editorial techniques and mechanism, together with collaborative journalism to unite science and culture.

There are those who say that informing with impartiality is impossible. In times of political polarization and hate speech in collaborative journalism, the black and white exists only in logos.

We respect the difference nuances our collaborators can use to give new light and new collor to the news.

We are, therefore, an independent communication network, without ties or commercial obligations. Here your voice can be heard. Be a social change agent and spread the scientific knowledge! Sign up and join the conversation.

In Journalism, Collaboration Can Change the World!


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