Groningen is Cyberspace clock

Jorn de Vreede
5 min readApr 10, 2018

It’s March and I’m in Amsterdam doing some paperwork after a meeting. My phone rings. It’s Bart, my colleague, telling me about a cool project;

We’re going to build as a small sideproject. Initiator is Stef van der Ziel, the entrepreneurial guy behind the topdutch campaign.

“It’s going to be all retro scifi cool“

Bart exclaims all excited on the other side of the phone.

He continues telling me they want to give a back to the future clock to the Mona Keijzer (State secretary for economics and climate). That’s in a few weeks, when she’s visiting Groningen. The goal is to show how Groningen is is far ahead in tech compared to the rest of the Netherlands.

“You can build one, right?”

Sure, cool!

source: scifi stack exchange

I call Stef, we discuss the idea, decide to leave out the yellow digits and make the “destination time” green because it better matches the Topdutch/Groningen color scheme. In about 5 minutes the plan came to life. That’s how we roll in Groningen!

Time to build it!

Ok, Go! I have two weeks to design, build and make it look pretty.
First stop: google for parts. Bart already sent me some inspiration which showed someone using Adafruit



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