Significance of 24-hour Customer Support for Your Business

Robert John
4 min readJun 13, 2019

Generally, businesses operate for 8–9 hours a day but there are some areas like Network Operation Centers that need to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide every type of support to their customers, even after their working hours. Networking Operation Centers manage and control networks situated at different locations over a computer or a satellite network.

While using networks, there are various scenarios when customers encounter issues like a disturbance in accessing applications, the sudden breakdown of their system, failure of the network, etc. To deal with these predicaments and to make customers’ experience better, NOCs operate after-hours to provide customer support service.

In today’s era, the customer is the king. Therefore, the companies need to make sure that their before-sale, as well as after-sale experience, is good otherwise; they will switch to other brands. A number of benefits could be obtained by providing 24-hour customer support:

High Client Satisfaction

After-hours customer service support simply acts as an essential factor to boost customer satisfaction. When you offer 24-hour customer support service, it ultimately develops an effective and valuable image of the organization amongst the customers. It also makes them realize their importance for the organization. This in turn ushers in a few other benefits such as retention of potential and key customers for a long run and effective mouth-publicity that helps the organization to enhance their customer base.

Build Reputation

High customer satisfaction builds significant brand reputation. In the technical era too, word-of-mouth and recommendations by one customer to other acts as a key factor for influencing their buying decision. Thus, it is crucial to provide proactive 24-hour assistance to them. This helps in creating a level of customer satisfaction that turns them into advocates of the organization.

Constant Accessibility

Another great benefit of providing 24-hour customer support for NOCs is that customers can get in touch with their respective concerns any time through their preferred medium — call, live chat, and email. Generally, customers are impatient in nature and they don’t like to wait. Hence, with the help of 24-hour customer service support, NOCs could ensure unbroken accessibility of the services around-the-clock.

Geographic Flexibility

NOCs render their services in local and in the overseas markets. Along with rendering services, it is their duty to address their clients’ concerns irrespective of their time zones. To provide a quality service experience and instant solutions, 24-hour customer service support is the most effective tool. Through this tool, NOCs situated in USA or any other part of the world can assist their customers on issues like connectivity, accessing data stored in the cloud, etc. As technology has turned the tables around, experts sitting in the customer service support in USA could ask the access of their clients’ systems to detect and rectify the issues faced by them from anywhere anytime.

Boost Revenues

Number of calls are attended by a customer service center in a day and among them, not all calls come up with an issue, motive of some calls is to inquire about the offerings and its features while other looks for the recommendations on the appropriate services as per their requirements. Thus, it is necessary for the NOCs to provide relevant and appropriate information to the customer care representatives so that they could address all sorts of customers’ concerns. Providing quick and satisfactory resolutions help in developing a positive brand image that ultimately boosts sales and revenues.

It could be said that offering after-hours Managed IT Support Services can truly help the NOCs to maximize their profitability, sales, revenues and customer satisfaction. It is also beneficial in enhancing customer base along with presenting themselves as a customer-centric organization to turn the overall customer experience.



Robert John

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