Blockchain & NFTs will play a vital role as AI will keep growing in the coming decade.

Thoughts on Blockchain, NFTs & A.I. (updated on 10th Nov 2023)

7 min readAug 18, 2023

[This article was originally published on 18th Aug 2023 but since then we are updating it with all the latest updates or happenings which you can find at the bottom of this article]

It’s 18th Aug 2023 today & before you read, we want to be very transparent on why this article is published today.

Around 2pm IST, one of the Gold Holders of JorrParivar got a little emotional about the utilities of JorrParivar & due to some miscommunication may be from our end, Digital Pratik thought that the team should publish one article sharing what he thinks about blockchain, NFTs & A.I. overall.

The entire concept of this article was drafted by Digital Pratik himself in some bullet points in his notes on phone while he is at village as his BAPUJI (Bade Papa, elder brother of his father) passed away on 15th Aug 2023 at 5:30 am IST in the morning.

All the rituals will get over on 22nd August 2023 & he will be back in hometown & with his work from 23rd August 2023.

But he has always treated JorrParivar as his digital family so he took out time (if you belong to a kaathiyaawadi gujju family in Saurashtra, only then you will understand how difficult it is to come out for work, from family especially during these times) & asked the team to write this entire article based on the bullet points drafted by him in order as shown below:

So here is everything based on the above 5 points drafted in order by Digital Pratik which was later sent to the team.

1. Gather all previous video updates:

The following image screenshot is with respect to the above video “3rd May — JorrParivar Update in Discord!”

2. Gather all previous medium article updates:

For this you can visit where every article posted is available for a read including guides for JorrDaar Event which happened in June 2022.

3. Use my long comment draft which i have sent you which i post when someone asks me about NFTs in 2023:

This is where Digital Pratik is trying to share his take on NFTs moving forward.

Here is the entire comment draft which he has written in his notes:

or you can read the following:

here’s my take on Blockchain, NFTs & AI as off 18th Aug 2023 :) … if u have carefully seen then I have always said: NFTs should be looked as a creative opportunity & an amazing way of branding & marketing.

And that’s what I personally have implemented as a marketer myself when it comes to @JorrParivar or @digitalpratik !!!

I have always used it as Consumer Blockchain centric while majority of indians had fallen into the trap of crypto investments in 2021 & 2022.

Honestly, I was never into it trading or even just creating an art without utility & trying to sell it as an NFT, because I am no great artist with millions of followers or fame.

So the point is: I have always been a business person & a smart marketer who loves to try innovative ways of branding & marketing any business online…

But then why am I not creating NFT content that much now as off 2023?

Is it because of NFT winter? Is it because of FTX scam? Is it because WazirX NFT was shut down? Is it because …. because … because …

Nope not 100% coz of any such reasons:

But lemme ask you this: Do you see indian marketers talking about TikTok ads & TikTok marketing for Indian brands in 2023 as compared to 2019 & 2020?

No you don’t see them…

Because TikTok as a platform is great way for branding & marketing but now in the present scenario, in India it would not be appropriate coz it’s not relevant to this country in 2023.

Similarly, NFT as an innovation & smart contracts as the foundation to consumer blockchain, it’s great for branding & marketing but due to present scenarios in the world & due to no clear regulations (yet in 2023) in India, marketers would talk less about it…

But still, I can’t wait for 2032 to arrive because I am still stating: NFTs are just gonna be another way of creative branding & marketing for any business…

Saying it based on PRACTICALITIES not some bullshit showoff.

My community inside @JorrParivar has 3 years of locked utilities where they meet me monthly for marketing sessions on zoom. It has been 2 years now & apart from that we have done India’s 1st NFT Ticketed IRL event called @JorrDaarEvent with 100% audience retention.

Guess what: Facebook ads does work but it’s not done by a lot of brands in 2023, similarly, NFTs does work & is working for @jorrparivar but it’s not gonna be implemented by a lot of brands in 2023 & even in 2032…

And now that AI is here, when copyrights & intellectual properties would be properly understood by us humans, that’s where eventually people will understand the importance of blockchain & NFTs.

Documenting this for 2032 & more forever together 🙌❤️

4th & 5th points from Digital Pratik’s notes are self explanatory.

Moving forward, we shall keep updating this article with respect to any more updates.

That’s all for 18th Aug 2023!

[Update as per 24th Aug 2023]:
JorrParivar NFTs: Underdelivered or Overdelivered

[Update as per 24th Aug 2023]:
Why was Telegram group for Gold Holders not created?

Telegram group was not created because we had increased GOLD calls by entire 1 year. Originally it was suppose to expire on Dec 2022 but then we decided to make it the best possible value for GOLD holders so we doubled the utilities & added 1 entire year of calls. 12 more calls for Business Consultation. 1 call per month per Gold NFT. So as compared to the original utility of just 3 dinner meetings in 3 years + 12 calls for the 1st year only, we upgraded the GOLD utilities by adding 12 more GOLD calls for the entire year & removing the dinner utility which were just 1 per year for 3 years. We have had GOLD holders crying on calls as they have got great results because of this utility & few of them have got enormous help with all the business & marketing consultations every single month with Digital Pratik which otherwise is Rs. 50,000 per month + taxes.

And this telegram group update was already communicated inside one of the discord messages on 21st Nov 2022 as shown below:

[Update as per 26th Oct 2023]:
JorrParivar’s JorrDaar characters are now printed on a JorrDaar mug.

You can learn more about this physical product around JorrParivar’s JorrDaar characters & positivity here!

[Update as per 10th Nov 2023]:
We can proudly use ® sign with the following JorrDaar IPs of JorrParivar along with its Logo…

For people who have no clue about trademarks, here’s the Trademark process flowchart:

Based on this Government process, it usually takes around 18 months (or more as well at times) for any trademark to get the ® sign.

Our legal team updated all the following IPs which now can now use ® sign with the IP name along with its Logo.

As we get the sign for others, we will update them here.

This process gets a lot of objections at times & for every objection, lot of money goes behind the scene & much more.

But we are in this forever, together towards 2032 & more!!!

That’s all for now!