Twitter Chat Gets a thumbs up from Me

I did not like the idea of this project to be completely honest. I was so frustrated have been procrastinating the thought of it all week, but today I bit the bullet and dived in.

The verdict as you may have guessed from my header was that I really did enjoy participating. For an hour I was involved in an #amwriting chat and had so much fun. Most recently I have been trying my hand at writing, particularly in scripts so I figured this chat would be a good way to see others people processes and thoughts on there own writing experience.

I retweeted some tweets that I felt like I had also experienced, such as one by @dhardgrav3 which stated “Sometimes I feel the only art I have perfected is the fine art of procrastination #amwriting #authorlife”. I have run into this problem more times than I would like to admit in my own writing. In addition, I also felt a sense of community by engaging with some of the tweets I felt like related to me for example @tomballrex who stated “Are there any other writers out there who write about their hometowns and the people there? Just curious. #amwriting #writerslife #amreading”. To which I completely could relate to due to the content of my latest scripts.

I really enjoyed the ability to talk to some fellow writers and get some other perspectives, the sense of community was really refreshing. I also liked that this chat is active but constantly vs. only being present for an hour like some other chats. I like the flexibility of this chat. I wasn’t chained anywhere at a specific time but could make my own schedule much in the style of writing. Overall I’m glad I did this assignment and have a little more of an understanding of twitter chat, and a sense of community. I wrote two tweets which were pretty well heard and got 10 likes and 5 new followers. I think being involved in these various groups gives a sense that people are not alone but experience things in the same fashion.

This was one of the first times I have interacted with strangers on the internet and It was a good experience. I think I have grown up with the predisposition of stranger danger when really adults interacting on the internet and sharing ideas is good conversation, and a way to be heard in various communities!

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