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Software development teams face deep and complex needs for interoperability between an exponentially increasing number of third party products. Technical interoperability issues, combined with policy and compliance requirements, are difficult to resolve for a single application — let alone an entire customer segment. …

Interoperability means working together… in more ways than one.

From the New York Public Library Digital Collections

Interoperability is a feature that prevents vendor (and data) lock-in, and facilitates the connection of a diverse group of people, networks, applications, data, and systems. In our products and services, it’s an important and in-demand component, and is even a required feature for a lot of public and private sector…

Image from Annual report of the Bureau of ethnology to the secretary of the Smithsonian Institution (1881)

I recently reread Allen Wirfs-Brock’s paper, Programming Language Standardization: Patterns for Participation, while preparing for an upcoming talk. Allen’s 20+ years of experience in language standards development, research and documentation is extremely valuable to the JavaScript community and can’t be understated. …

Jory Burson

Working to improve Open Source & Open Standards one day at a time.

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