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Infinite Objects launch event in collaboration with Rhizome at The New Museum, NYC, October 7, 2019.

This month marks 1 year since we launched Infinite Objects into the world. It seems like a decade and as if it were just yesterday all at the same time. I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what we’ve achieved since then, and outline our goals as a company as we barrel towards the end of 2020.

Our year in numbers, as of this month:

  • Collectors in 22 Countries and all 50 states
  • 41,000+ personal videos uploaded to our Creator Tool
  • Audience across Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok has grown to 25K+ followers with 1M+ likes
  • 55 exclusive Artist…

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Jeremy Couillard, Teen Jail. 40m 00s, Infinite Objects Edition of 10.

Today we are officially launching Infinite Objects alongside a collaboration with Rhizome and a reception at the New Museum. The New Museum Store is now carrying the Rhizome-curated collection, and our IO Video Shop and site is also live, featuring pieces from 11 artists, co-curated in part by Daata Editions and Transfer Gallery. This has been over 18 months in the making, so I’d love to step back and tell the story of how we got here and where we’re going.

Back in 2017, I was working at Planeta, a small product R&D studio, building a variety of web apps…

Official Press Release can be found here.

I’m excited to announce the official launch of Infinite Objects — permanent, non-updatable displays for a single moving image. We call them “video prints”. They represent a new vision for redefining how we buy, sell, collect, and experience video. Our launch collection, created in collaboration with 11 talented artists, is available for purchase at our website and at the New Museum Store starting today.

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Infinite Objects are available exclusively at the New Museum Store and We print video.

We have a simple, yet radical vision. Our company is built on the belief that video can be appreciated and valued the same way posters, prints, and photographs have…

Last month our VR label OONI debuted We Dwell Below, a new VR experience developed for the Abandon Normal Devices Festival in the UK. The mutli-player VR experience included one particularly unique aspect: the ability to “eat” elements of various scenes. In order to detect a user “chewing”, we developed custom electronic sensor hardware that was integrated into the HTC Vive headset itself.

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We Dwell Below at AND Festival 2017. We also designed costumes for participants to wear during the experience.

For the “chewing” detection capability, we designed a chin strap which would apply pressure to an FSR sensor connected to a Teensy micro-controller. …

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Mario Forte (violin, left) and Sergio Krakowski (pandeiro, far right) and friends performing at Planeta earlier this year.

Starting last April, Planeta Space has been fortunate enough to host a monthly performance series by the inspirational duo, Mario Forte and Sergio Krakowski. We sat down for a few drinks with the classically trained violinist and Brazilian maestro of pandeiro, to talk about what connects the unlikely pair musically, what groove means to them, the role improvisation plays in their performance — why they cannot rehearse — and the intangible, natural forces that make their unique instrumentation work so well.

Sergio and Mario will be performing the third and final installment of their “Tribute Series” at Planeta: a Tribute to Federico Fellini, this Wednesday June 21, with several special guests including Steve Dalachinsky. Come on down, bring a whiskey drink, get your face melted.

Check out the entire conversation on SoundCloud here. Small excerpts to follow. See you Wednesday

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L to R: Perry Brandston, Bryan Keller, and Ursula with half of the Sound Concern system at Planeta Space in NYC

Last week we sat down with Bryan and Perry of Sound Concern, the team behind the incredible sound system installed at Planeta Space, and learned quite a bit about their history, inspiration, and goals for their project. If you’re an audiophile, music geek, or an East Village and NYC party scene enthusiast you’ll want to check out the full interview on Sound Cloud. Below you’ll find just a few (heavily edited) highlights from our conversation.

Reminder if you’re in NYC: Come experience the sound system installed at Planeta Space. …

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This March we’re extremely excited to have Sound Concern’s latest massive speaker array prototypes installed in our space.

We are doing listening parties every Wednesday in March, exploring various sonic content, physical configurations and positioning of these literal “walls of sound”.Check out our events calendar for more information.

Also check out our interview with Perry Brandston and Bryan Keller, the brains behind Sound Concern.

Today we’re super excited to release the GIPHY Museum of GIF Art (MoGA) in collaboration with GIPHY Arts.

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The GIPHY Museum of GIF Art is the first ever virtual reality GIF art museum. The current exhibition in the MoGA is Loop Dreams, the accompaniment to the the 2016 IRL exhibition. Works by 20 artists are exhibited in a beautiful, nonlinear environment.

MoGA Trailer

GIPHY MoGA is available on Steam for HTC Vive, as well as a mobile VR experience on the App Store and Google Play.

Steam for HTC Vive:

GIPHY MoGA is our first release under Planeta’s new VR imprint OONI.

Joe Saavedra

Founder and CEO, Infinite Objects

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