For as long as I can remember, playing soccer has always been my favorite pastime. Unlike other kids I didn’t mind waking up for early Saturday morning games, I loved them. Standing on the center line, anticipating the kickoff is one of my favorite feelings. A rush of adrenaline floods in and the game is on. Being a forward, I am the first line of defense and it is my job to score the goals. I have always played this position but occasionally I will drop back to midfield or even defense if it is needed. Playing the position of a striker (forward) is where I truly feel myself. It is so calming yet empowering when it is just you and the defender, competing one versus one. Playing this sport has introduced me to new people and opportunities, it has also brought me some of my most treasured memories. After Ten years of playing soccer, I hung up my cleats for the final time once I finished my high school season. To me, soccer will always be more than just a game, soccer is my passion.

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