The most ordinary of them all… Completed the AGOGE

I do not remember what time it was, somewhere around hour 26 of the Spartan Race Agoge I just lost track of time, all I knew was that it was almost over.

I was walking into the same farm where it all started and I just started crying as I saw smiling faces welcoming us. I must have cried most of the last hours of the Agoge. I cried listening to Joe DeSena, I cried hugging my friend and teammate Fernando, I cried thanking our Krypteia Eric. I recall I actually started crying that same morning on our early talk before yoga. Why was I crying if I was not sad? I was crying in astonishment, in disbelief that it was me who was finishing this event.

About my family:
I was born and raised in Mexico City. Nothing extraordinary about my family. My father owned a sporting goods store in the center of the city, and my mom helped at the store when not at home taking care of my sister and I. Eventually, sadly like a lot of families, my parents separated, but we are happy and spend so much time together. We are the average modern family.

About my health:
When I was very young, toddler years, I had respiratory issues. At some point my mom had to stay by my bed to be sure I kept on breathing. In despair, she went to a herb doctor who had me fasting for weeks living only on tea, it worked and I moved on.
When I grew up I was the fat kid of the class. Not bullied or unhappy, just severely overweight. I could not do sports so I was the books and video games kid. Last pick every time, but at least I had tons of friends who could pick me last haha. I was the average kid.
8 months ago I found out I have Asthma, sweet! so I am just the average inhaler carrying guy.

About my present:
I live in south Massachusetts, in a two bedroom apartment with my wife and dog. In our town, Bridgewater, there is nothing but a couple of restaurants and local businesses, very ordinary town.
I work, like most people do, a 9 to 5 in a corporate office for a medical company based in Switzerland. I get to travel a lot, A LOT, in 2 years with the company I have checked off 37 states of the United States.
Whenever I am not travelling, I rush out of the office like Fred Flintstone and head to the gym, trails, or home to my family. I am your average working man.

So, if I am so average, so ORDINARY, how did I end up alongside these EXTRAordinary characters? Everybody has such an amazing story of struggle and success, overcoming disabilities, building dreams, military, full time athletes, gym owners, Spartan elite, etc., etc. And then, there is me, the ordinary man.

What amazes me the most, is that there are not more “me’s” out there. If I can do this, me, the ill, fat kid that grew up in the middle of a 25 million people city, the guy who travels 60% of the time, if THIS GUY can do this, then everybody can.

I do not have the genetics, I do not have “time”, I do not have an outdoors or military background, I am as ORDINARY as they come.

This is what I do have, I have will. All men and women have freedom of will, and an amazing will power. As Eric Roman once told me:
“ask someone to run a marathon, they tell you they can’t… ask them to run 26 miles to get medicine for his/her dying loved one, they will”.
So you see, anything can be done. Where there is will, there is a way, you just have to convince yourself there is no other option but finishing your task. There is no other option but finishing that mile in your training session, there is no choice but to pick up those weights, there is no other option but doing a successful business presentation. Convince yourself you have no choice, and I will be damned if you fail at something.

Agoge just opened up my eyes to the fact that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you really work to make it happen.

So I will remain living my ordinary life, achieving the EXTRAORDINARY by the simplest road: moving forward