Andela challenges and how you have had to adapt

So i finally made it to andela bootcamp week two after intensive selflearning excercise of week one, thanks to everybody both fellow bootcampers , BootCamp facilitators and the assistants.

I was very motivated of becoming a world class developer under the guidance of Andela. I am a self-taught programmer using youtube videos, e-books online learning platforms such as codeacademy, google python class and microsoft virtual academy. I have never been involved in strict deadline projects where i have to deliver a project in a very short period of time because i used to work at my own pace and used to procastinate a lot of tasks. But i have been able to adapt to very tight schedule so far.

I understand that nothing good comes that easy, during week one i had to commit myself learning new concepts in a very short period of time like how to write TDD(Test Driven Development) , OOP(object oriented programming) and Http Request. I had also to be more time concious because the exercises were to be submitted by 4:30pm on that same day. I have learnt and grown so much since week one that made me not only a better developer but also a better person.

Right now my goal is to become a world class developer, who many will look up to for change and guidance to make the world a better place, I look at people who have been able to achieve this as my motivation, So all my commitment goes to making it andela with all help i can get.


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