Code In Your Plate

Recipe published on GitHub

Code In Your Plate is the last project on the course Fundamentals Of Web Design, and it is the first one which treats a bit of coding, which I was really willing to start.
The brief for CIYP is to create a recipe of your favourite plate in HTML and give it styles using CSS either on GitHub, Thimble or any other software like SublimeText or Brackets. As I still did not have too much experience with local server softwares I decided to go for GitHub due to being the platform I felt most comfortable with.
The motivation for this project will be to get the knowledge to be able to apply the creative process I learnt from the previous into code, and be able to create styles for an HTML document, which are optimised and responsive, besides to get a deeper control of the web.

I am trying to organise my ideas on how to set the recipe to be readable and appealing giving it a structure that will make it easy to follow and reproduce. I will be using ordered and unordered lists to explain the steps and make them clear.

With this recipe, I am learning how to use CSS and link it into an HTML document for them to work together, optimising the code for the site to be weightless. I am mainly learning a lot of new features of CSS3 version and HTML5, applying the use of CSS tricks studied for the peer learning sessions, such as transitions or animations. I am also learning several facts about responsive web design and refreshing basic concepts from HTML and CSS which I already had.