Peer Learning
Websites/Apps as extensions of a brand:
Images & Video

Mini-lesson Content:

For this mini-lesson taken on the forth week, I started by researching different sites from different big brands to have an idea on how different companies made use of their digital content to promote their products or services. I went through different ones like Coca-Cola, Apple, Ford, Pepsi, RedBull or many others, checking their main web sites but also their social media accounts, mainly Facebook and Instagram looking for this kind of content.
The main key point Shajee and me wanted to transmit as a team was the value that brands give to images and videos in their sites, and how they use those to send their message across their different social channels, engaging people with different post contents and strategies.
I stick to the ones I believed expressed best what is the way to use these images and videos on Social Media campaigns, so I presented the content and sites for Sennheiser, RedBull and Coca-Cola.

I exposed my ideas mainly through the same images and videos I wanted to talk about, without using text that would distract the colleagues from experiencing that content to properly understand what we were saying.
We wanted to make the presentation as interactive as possible, but I think we failed in the sense that although we didn’t use any text, the content was not either interactive but more passively consumed, a lot of videos and pictures to see, but nothing to click or touch.
The kind of questions I came up with were not asking for opinions, but were not either too open for our peers to take part. I asked some questions about knowing what Sennheisser is about, or what RedBull or Coca-cola have done recently in different events to promote their products or launchings. I believe there is a lot to improve in this aspect.


As I said, the presentation was mostly driven by visuals. We split the presentation in a way that we would cover 5 different brands, talking alternatively so we would make it more dynamic. I had to assume Ikran’s part in the end as he did not show up or contacted about the project.
I started by showing Sennheisser’s sound experience site, and how they used sound and 3D to make their audience engage with the narrative and keep them waiting for the next parts of this story. After Shajee’s intervention, I explained about social campaigns by RedBull and Coca-cola. Talking about my personal performance, I always would like to speak better in public, as I want to say more than what I am really able to, because of the language. This is something I practice day by day as hard as I can, and hope to get improved in the near future.
I can improve a lot in the way I communicate my ideas, and also the questions I prepare to make my audience stay engaged with my speech. This is something that will only come with a lot of practice.