Nodes @ AWS re:Invent — Part 1

Last week I was at the AWS re:Invent conference, and I want to give some highlights of some of the things Amazon presented, both things we can use to better our setup, and some new exciting technologies.

First some numbers, of how big the conference actually is:

Number of attendees: 32.000+
Number of sessions: 400+

Amazon Alexa

The Alexa system isn’t new (Launched november 2014), nevertheless a lot on the conference was surrounded around Alexa. Alexa is Amazon’s Speech-recognition system. And a lot of big companies have systems in this area (e.g. Apple Siri, Google Home). What makes Amazon Alexa unique is that Amazon has made it as an open platform, and thereby made it possible to integrate into your own IoT devices. Of course Amazon has their own device called Amazon Echo. So why is this interesting? It opens up for us to build the Alexa into IoT devices, that for example isn’t made using your smartphone.

At the conference I wanted to make a small proof-of-concept of a small Skill (app) to the Amazon Echo. Basically you can ask it for the latest article on It is very simple and build in 15 minutes. Even though I haven’t worked with speech-recognition before, it was very easy to integrate. You can see how it works here

Global Partner Summit

For the first time Nodes was attending the re:Invent as AWS Partner, giving us access to the Global Partner Summit, a small mini-conference surrounding information to partners. Additionally it gave us great insight into large enterprise companies and more switching from on-premise data centers to cloud hosting. AWS provides a lot of tools that really can help clients save money and still provide a high level of security.

We really see cloud as the way to go, even for enterprise clients, and Nodes want to be part of this process, because it gives tools to help clients grow without huge investments, and AWS grows with the clients.

AWS Certified

At the conference I also wanted to put my AWS skills to a test, so I am now a AWS certified Solutions Architect, proving our skills in building and maintaining a fully redundant, secure setup with proper backup and recovery skills inside the AWS infrastructure, and building hybrid setup (Cloud and on-premise setup).

The next part will be a bit more technical, and go into coding for Amazon Alexa

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