Metallica: hardwire to…keep sucking

What is it with Metallica and their awful album covers?

So, the new Metallica album is out. Like 2 days ago or something. Being a fan of the band since forever i had mixed feelings about this new album; one wants to give them the benefit of the doubt -yet again- even though they have constantly failed to deliver for more than 20 years now. (for those of us who grew up with jewels like master of puppets or …and justice for all anyway.)

Now, i understand every band has life cycle and as the members grow old the vision of life changes and so does their music. Because of that i now there will never be another kill ’em all or another ride the lightning, but in the back of my head i keep thinking that with each new release maybe -just maybe- they can bring back some of that close-to-perfect mix of melody, sheer power and energy they became famous for in the first place.

Death Magnetic was announced all over as a return to their roots, but the only thing they got right was going back to the old logo; not a total loss if you ask me. For some reason they thought that playing fast was equal to emulating better days. NOT REALLY! It’s just more of the same they were doing before only a bit faster. That sound (omg that sound…) was practically identical to their previous releases; just as shitty.

So, back to the new album. I started listening expecting nothing but i was pleasantly surprised with the 2 first tracks, specially “Atlas, Rise”…some kind of song! (see what i did there..) but then… well it goes downhill all the way to the end.

The album becomes some sort of showcase of what Metallica has been since “Load” came out. I do not expect the band to be all “thrashy” all the time, but then again they never were; Lepper Messiah, Fade to Black, One…songs that became classic of the genre without having to be brutal or super fast. They just were good, solid, timeless, ass-kicking songs, plain and simple.

listen to this…goosebumps!

Also, i don’t expect the albums to be a killer song after killer song but come on, think about it; when you take any of the 4 first albums, how many songs you’d leave out because they were boring or plain bad?


My point exactly.

The rest of the songs are a mixture of hard rock meets heavy metal, with the occasional groove to make things worse. The lemmy tribute is just the right thing to do for them anyway, but from the quality point of view is just as forgettable as any of the others. As i was listening i could almost picture Lars ulrich playing, tongue out, looking silly, and thinking “how did i manage to come up with those awesome patterns in “…and justice” and now i’m playing this sorry ass lame crap…” one can only wander.

Anyway, is fair to say they’ve lost their mojo. They’re in a point in their career where there is no turning back from the dark abyss of Load and the depths of that hellish St. Anger. No sir, they burnt that bridge to the ground.

In any case the band has my respect, till the end of days. They helped shape the world of heavy metal as we know it and everyone with ears should thank them for that. Their legacy will live on, i just wished it’s stopped at the black album.

P.S. I write this from my very personal point of view; this is not a review and i don’t assume you’ll be sharing it. Actually i expect you disagree with me so we can have a nice discussion about it.

P.S2 You probably noticed my broken english; that’s because it isn’t my mother tongue. I did my best to get my point across so you can understand. Be nice and forgive any mistakes i may have made.

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