Learning How to Learn: The Most Important Developer Skill
Preethi Kasireddy

This was a great read.

I think learning to code is harder and more frustrating than learning other things because it’s so black and white. If your code has an error, then it’s incorrect and it crashes, period. A program is never “a little bit wrong”, it’s wrong and you get a compiler complaint. (Ok, there are languages like JavaScript that try to keep running despite programmers’ errors, but this often leads to weird behaviour and most consider it bad and would rather have a compiler complaint instead. It’s why TypeScript exists. But anyway.)

You learn to draw, or to dance, to cook, to swim, or some other tangible real world activity, you can afford to be a little wrong. Your meal can be slightly overcooked. But imagine if cooking was like programming: you leave the stove on one millisecond more than what the recipe says and *pop*, the whole pot suddenly stops existing.

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