Unique Selling Points: know your own values!

"Why should a customer buy a jukebox in your shop and not with the competition?" When I ask this question, the client remains silent. "Uhmmm ... We are service oriented?" He mutters after half a minute. It is obvious that this entrepreneur never consciously thought about this question. And that's CRAZY. Especially online, the distinctive character of your shop is enormously important. As an entrepreneur you have to dream your Unique Selling Points and call them on your website (do it multiple times!).

Local & Online
The local bakery has earned that respect much faster. One of his Unique Selling Points (USPs) is the location. Another USP is the involvement. The lady behind the counter knows everyone because they are most often regular clients, so it's easier to make a chat.

It is another story when there are two bakers in one street. Often, you notice that one bakery specializes in bread, while the other baker delivers amazing one of a kind cakes. So you could say that they specialize, creating unique qualities.

Online competition is even harder. There are perhaps hundreds of online shops that also sell jukeboxes. Offering the lowest price; that's a very difficult goal for many companies with a physical office and staff. Why would a consumer than buy a jukebox in your shop?

Examples of USPs
I advise you to (always!) make a list of points at which your company excels. Each one of these points may not always be unique, but together they are!

Unique items can be:
- Free shipping 
- Choose your desired delivery time 
- Delivery in 24 hours
- Same day delivery (yes, more webshops do this!)
- Many (like: a lot!) different payment options (credit cards, PayPal, Klarna, MasterCard)
- Pay in 14 days after your order (the longer, the better)
- Free return
- 24/7 customer service, literally!
- 30 day to rethink your purchase 
- Physical showroom (free pick up) or multiple pickup points
- Prices and awards 
- Secure ordering & payment mark
- High customer rating 
- Own stock
- Always the lowest price!
- Experienced staff

Once you've made a list, then select three or four best points and go to actively communicate on your site. My favorite online shops - Bol.com and CoolBlue- do this very well. 

In every industry, B2B and B2C, there are different questions. Get in your clients head and try to change the questions into USP’s. A question at the bakery could be: "Is the bread daily fresh?" Make a USP out of this: "Every day fresh bread".

No idea what your USP’s are? And are you in for a brainstorm session with me? Leave me a message!

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