Unconditionally me

I often use the example of the Russian Nesting Dolls (matrijoshka) to explain how I see personal development: We start our life in the smallest doll, a very constrained space. Our experiences and wisdom break the doll’s walls, revealing the next step. Each step is more spacious and offers less limitations. Breaking those walls is a life long process.

Every time we transcend limitations we experience a realisation, an insight, an epiphany or as Oprah says, an aha moment!

Today I felt the crack of a wall and I’d like to share with you what I could see with more clarity, and in the format of reminders to myself:

Photo by Charles Deluvio
  • Express what bothers you clearly, honestly, politely and unapologetically, without fear of the consequences. Not doing so, doesn’t help you nor others.
  • Be supportive, generous and kind to others out of inner strength not weakness.
  • Be clear on what is your core nature, never let others convince you that you should be different.
  • Find social approval out of being authentic not out of conformity with what is considered normal.
  • There are times when a decision is more needed than finding consensus. If you can decide, take the responsibility and do it.