Earth day experience.

Earth day was an awsome experience as an spectator and as a host. In the “lunada” where I participated I really like our performance. I liked a lot the place where we played, the songs we picked and that we where with all our generation. It was a little complicated at the end to make the show because time moved everything and we where hurried up because there was no more time but I really enjoy it. We couldn’t do everything we planned because there was no more time but what we did I think had a good quality and people liked it.

As for our video I think it was simple but cool and that it was very well edited. The plan was to make some cool shots and I think Marcela made a good job at it.

As an spectator of earth day I liked a lot the activities my classmates did. There where so welled done that it really put me to think. My favorite one was the one where you put a fingerprint on earth because it really put me to think about the damage we do to the planet.

The ones that where like activations where cool and I think they combined the games people our age like to play with cool reflexion about the planet.

I think that as a class there where some problems and lack of inspiration to make the proyect, or maybe I’m talking only for my self. I really liked that it was a big event where we had a little role and make it better.

The problem I had and I know it is not an excuse is that I had many performances that week and I was really on a hurry that day. That’s why I had to read the notes in some songs, but regardless that I like the result.

The use of technolgy was important in this proyect because technology makes everything easy and faster to do. We got the songs fast so we could reherse them fast. Also the class had a facebook page and an instagram profile and many people knew about the event.

Creativity was also important for us not to make a silly and conventional event.