_____ who _____ you back

Reflection is a principle of treatment between people… when you find yourself in a specific situation of exchange of anything things must be as equal as it could be done, here’s the catch… it must be at your own way, period.

Everyone has his own personality and his own style, his own likes and his own ways of thinking and acting. But there’s a golden rule, give the other person what that person needs, not what you need or even think they need. I can personally relate to this because I forgot that golden rule… And maybe that will make me lose someone special to me because I’ve failed to give her what she needed even though we had a lot of nice moments and lots of things in common, but I was blind folded by the fact that I was trying too hard to make her happy, but with my perception of what she wanted/like but maybe she made me realize this detail too late to save our relationship.

Don’t make the same mistake I’ve done, I repeat, DON’T I am already regretting not paying the attention I needed to give her.

People ALWAYS listed to your partner, friend, family or whoever you are sharing time with, don’t create a concept in your mind, it may not even be a bad concept, but you have to listen, and when I say listen it not only to pay attention, is to Listen with your brain and heart, you have to feel what they need, because it may be the best things that you’re offering in a relationship, but that may not be the best for that special someone, so please be aware of communication and even more to non-verbal communication, you can lose more than you think if you fail like me, a real partner, the one that makes you feel complete and someone that you can be yourself with, so as a last word before you fall down the ashes and end up scrapping the dirt of who you never though you would be… a emotionless, senseless, hollow person who cant even listen to the ones you really want to have in your life… I need to fix things up within myself ASAP!.

All I see in this situation is that I… literally killed my relationship for being selfish and stupid, it hurts.

Nothing I could ever do could take away this pain and I just stare at these bloody hands, stained with my loved one relationship Hope’s blood.

“mene mene tekel upharisin” The writing in the wall.