How to #StayOutraged Without Losing Your Mind
Mirah Curzer

what a FANTASTIC article. I was just asking a good friend for advice yesterday about how to manage my sadness, anger, outrage, frustration, ultimately my impotence. She is someone I admire and respect, has been an activist since the 1960’s and has a heart for the whole world, but somehow seems to stay sane through some really bad stuff. Today she sent me your article. as someone who is both politically involved and have had a history of depression and emotional dis-balance, this has been a really trying insane time for me!! The day after his election i seriously thought about ways I could apologize to my children for bringing them into this insanity. But — the “good” opart about trump is I am learning to keep my balance in some pretty precarious situations. This article is a fantastic and perfect tool for me. THANK YOU for taking the time to share your thoughts. Peace.

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