I want to be a writer

I’m not such a reader, I admit it, and I accept it openly. But it isn’t because I don’t like to read, is because I am a pretty slow reader, and very special about the books I read. I’ve findently follow certain authors and activists that I care the most, and read the recomendations of people with interests in common with me. And that’s my biggest concern, if I’m not a good reader, can I be a good writer?

People here in Mexico doesn’t value the artists, not as much as other cultures, and they care even less about an artist if the artist is mexican, ironically. So if you are a writer here, people think it’s not a work, that is stupid.

I hate that word stupid. Because I don’t think anything or anyone could be actually stupid. I consideer stupid as a degradation of the intellectual capacities of someone or something. But noone can degradate anyone else, it’s just not right to do that. People are different to each other, and they think in absolutelly distinct ways. Oh, I just got out of the main theme, sorry, first actual write and i’m a little nervous.