Branching Out: Sunday School

(L-R) Gio, Taylor and David for Sunday School.

I’m the type of creative to develop a handful of ideas, write them down, create a plan, and put them all into practice. As the year began, I released my first book via issuu, Jabir in America, which served as a cultural outlet for West African immigrants. As the illustrator for the book, it was an opportunity for me to channel my perspective on westernized culture united with African roots. The book was brilliant, the reviews were fulfilling, and I intend on creating an entire series in the near future.

A few months had passed and I began to think about ways I could expand from being solely about “Josef Adamu.” Don’t get me wrong, the ways in which I represented myself as a personal brand were progressing significantly. Both friends and family members would inform me on how well I directed visual projects or how great I looked in a photo series. However, that didn’t satisfy me, because I still felt like something was missing.

The missing component to my creative portfolio was the fact that I wasn’t sharing my skills with others. My image was great, my execution was great, my entire PERSONAL brand was great, though it was literally all about me. Thus, I started to brainstorm ways that I could get others involved creatively. I wanted to build a team! I asked a bunch of like-minded friends for their opinions, and it seemed like a fantastic idea to the mass majority.

By March, I was beginning to sketch ideas for names of the potential team, different colour palettes for the logo, different people I’d want to build a brand with, etc. It was quickly becoming a reality.

(L-R) Darnell and Gio for Sunday School.

After a month of scouting creatives, sketching visual ideas, planning brand direction, and developing a well-rounded name, Sunday School was born.

April 26th, 2017 was the date I clicked publish on the Squarespace page to release the website officially. It actually felt like I was stepping into a new creative realm that I am extremely excited to explore. As a team, we meet frequently to discuss various ways that we can use our skills to enhance overall presentation, exercise our strengths, and grow exponentially.

We are currently two stories into our journey and I am very intrigued to see where this may lead to. The support from the public has been overwhelming and things will only advance from here.

Keep in touch with us and feel free to ask questions or give feedback at any time.

Stay tuned!