Use Ad Spy Tools to Build a High-Converting Google Ads Landing Page

Josef Büttgen
4 min readDec 3, 2023


When you create a marketing funnel powered by Google Ads, it’s crucial to have a pre-lander or landing page that is designed to convert your visitors (Google wants you to provide value over directly sales-focused content).

A well-optimized landing page greatly improves the success of your Google Ads campaigns by increasing conversion rates. While it’s possible to create these landing pages from scratch using tools like WordPress, Webflow, or ClickFunnels, it is usually a big challenge, especially if you don’t have web design and copywriting skills or enough time to invest from a cost perspective.

In order to avoid duplicating efforts and increase the likelihood of creating an effective marketing funnel, experienced digital marketers greatly improve their conversion rates by utilizing ad spy tools. These tools allow you to analyze your competitors’ successful funnels and gain valuable insights on the psychology of selling to your target audience successfully.

Although they are typically not free, they are to a great degree worth considering because they give you the power to learn from others’ successes and make informed decisions minimising the risk on your side creating the ideal Google Ads landing page.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using ad spy tools for building a Google Ads Landing Page that converts and makes your efforts pay off. We will discuss how ad spy tools provide insights into successful funnels and how you create high-converting landing pages in a quick and efficient manner. By leveraging these tools, you optimize your Google Ads campaigns and increase the chances of success by a magnitude.

Example: Insights on ‘replacement window’ ad. Source: BigSpy

Why Ad Spy Tools for Google Ads?

On the one hand, Ad spy tools for Google Ads are incredibly valuable for understanding the competitive landscape. These tools provide a comprehensive view of the advertising strategies used by competitors, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the market and see what kind of products, landing pages, and ads perform well.

By utilizing these tools, you identify trends, uncover new opportunities, and fine-tune your own advertising strategies for optimal performance. Sufficiently sophisticated tools for instance allow you to filter by the countries and regions ads are displayed in, the engagement they get on different platforms and even what tools are being used to build respective landing pages. With the help of ad spy tools, you stay ahead of the competition and maximize the effectiveness of your Google Ads campaigns.

On the other hand, they allow you to inspect and extract the key components of your competitors’ successes. By learning from their funnels’ content (copywriting, creatives, design, etc.), you gain an advantage in setting up your own funnels, skipping all the tedious work of figuring out how to successfully convey your sales message to your visitors on your own. Imagine it like participating in a bike race and benefiting from the draft by driving behind your competitor to leverage your competitor’s head start.

What to do after spotting high-converting ads and funnels?

Once you’ve made your way through the world of spying on competitors’ ads you probably want to either get your hands dirty and start building your own funnels based off your findings or take your existing funnels and elevate their quality to the standard of your freshly gained insights.

As mentioned before you can of course just go from here, get inspired by those funnels and copy and tweak these successful landing pages manually in the landing page builders of your choice. Unfortunately building landing pages takes up a lot of time if done this way and is not the most efficient use of your time maximizing the output of your funnels.

Build a high-converting Google Ads landing page in seconds

Fortunately there is a solution that lets you spin up as many landing pages as you need for your Google Ad campaigns within seconds. Yes, not hours, not days, but seconds!

With TurboLander you simply copy and tweak competitor pages in no time with its innovative no-code landing page builder.

Fig.: TurboLander App > ‘My Pages’

Step-by-Step: How to create your Google Ads landing page with TurboLander

  1. Import any competitors landing page via URL
  2. Tweak any aspect of its content easily (copy, creatives, links etc.)
  3. Publish your site and embed it into any funnel

Why you should use TurboLander for creating your Google Ads landing page

TurboLander is made for creating landing pages for your Google Ads campaigns in no time. The need of copying pages, handling their source code, uploading them to your own server, SSL certificates, page speed, etc. is all gone when using TurboLander.

It’s your technical go-to solution to focus fully on your marketing efforts and not wasting time on technicalities.

There’s no risk in trying the tool with its 30-Days-Money-Back-Guarantee, so sign up today and start building your high-converting Google Ads landing page.


In conclusion, there is a powerful synergy that exists between Ad Spy Tools and TurboLander for your Google Ads landing page. Leveraging these innovative tools you will achieve remarkable success with your Google campaigns. By utilizing Ad Spy Tools and TurboLander, you gain valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies and uncover new opportunities for growth.

Furthermore, I want to emphasize the continuous optimization potential that exists for Google Ads landing pages. The importance of constantly refining and enhancing your pages to maximize their effectiveness and drive better results is not to be underestimated. By staying proactive and embracing the ongoing optimization possibilities, you stay ahead of the curve and ensure that your Google Ads campaigns continue to thrive in today’s competitive online marketing landscape.