How to Build Your Crowdfunding Email List with Viral Contests and Giveaways

Crowdfunding just got a whole lot easier!

The Case For Viral Contests

Have you ever wondered what it would take to grow your pre-launch email list into thousands of subscribers? Maybe even hundreds of thousands?

Have you ever thought about using viral contests or a giveaway to incentivize your existing base of customers and subscribers to help you spread the word? After all, the most successful crowdfunding campaigns are the ones that bring the biggest crowd to the game….Right?

Now, Everyone knows that your best customers, and also the most loyal, are the ones that come from a referral. The idea for any campaign should be built around the belief that the most powerful and effective way to be introduced to a new company was through a credible referral. Thus, your focus should be on building a campaign that helped people spread the word to their friends.

Let’s take Harry’s (The Shaving Company), for example. According to Jeff Raider, Founder of Harry’s, they opened their “digital doors” in March of 2013. Like most start-ups, he had one persistent worry….”Were we going to launch to crickets? Would anyone notice?” Well, in the end, their first week ended up being a huge success! The reason for this, to make it simple, is that their pre-launch strategy was on point…They were able to collect 100,000 emails (interested individuals), a week before they launched their e-commerce site using viral contests.

Just imagine what kind of effect that had on their business! Now, take a second, and imagine what effect this would have on yours….

How did they get all those people to join their subscriber list? Simply put, they ran a promotion, giving something away in exchange for REFERRALS.

Here are the basic steps to making this happen:

  1. Create a landing page — This is where interested users will enter their email address and any other contact information that you require. This step is essential because you’ll want to capture emails for your subscriber list AND use it as an identifier for tracking referrals
  2. Create a viral contests/giveaway page — This is where your referral mechanisms will live. It should contain a sharable link to your landing page, coded to specifically to the user. Give the user an opportunity (click buttons) to share the link with family and friends thorough email, Facebook, and Twitter. By sharing the link, your users should have the opportunity to “earn” or “win” either a prize, discounted product or even something free.

When you reward your existing customers and email subscribers with some sort of “referral bonus”, they will actively generate more audience members FOR YOU! Not to mention that by increasing your incentives, your loyal minions will be that much more excited to share your contest page, get others to join your email list and help your campaign go viral.

Sounds like a pretty simple concept right? The answer to that question is yes…..but, ONLY if you have the right tools! Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs, especially crowdfunding rookies, don’t know exactly where to start this process and don’t have anyone to help them with the details…


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