About José Filomeno dos Santos

José Filomeno dos Santos is a young, energetic and market-savvy Angolan, who is currently serving as the Chairman of Fundo Soberano de Angola, Africa’s sovereign wealth fund. Being one of the most powerful business figures in Angola, José Filomeno dos Santos was appointed to the board in 2012. Later in 2013, he succeeded Armando Manuel as the Chairman.

José Filomeno dos Santos

In August 2013, dos Santos was ranked 26th amongst the top 100 wealth fund chiefs in the world. The rankings are a yearly evaluation process run by The Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute.

Dos Santos is now responsible for making Fundo Soberano de Angola more competitive; ensuring greater transparency and profitability.

José Filomeno dos Santos, also known as Zenú, is the son of José Eduardo dos Santos, who has been the President of Angola since 1979. In the early 90s, his mother Ana Paula dos Santos was moved to an Angolan embassy in Switzerland, with Zenú accompanying her. She later shifted to the Embassy in London, where Zenú pursued his master’s in information management and finance at the Westminster University.

José Filomeno dos Santos’s appointment to the wealth fund is his first official public role. Formerly, he held positions at the insurance outfit AAA, part of Angola’s powerful state oil company Sonango, and local private transport operator Tura.