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My name is Josefina Díaz. I come from Buenos Aires and I’m 20 years old. I find it hard to answer the question of how I would describe myself because I believe human beings build themselves throughout their lives. By saying this, I mean different situations shape us into who we are and the way we respond to them is what defines us.

Who am I? I’m a Communications student who will hopefully gradute next year. A short summary: I’m interested in music, arts, sports and nature.

As a person who is closely related to media on a daily basis, I think the benefits of using different platforms is remarkable. It connects everyone around the world with just a single click on a computer. Although many people say journalism and media coverage is moved by economic interests, I want to be a future journalist who ends up with that stereotype built by society.

I have decided to study this career because I feel I was born to do this. In my opinion, journalism is fundamental for society because it connects people with reality. I can’t imagine a world without journalists and journalism wouldn’t exist without a world to talk about. This is the reason why I find it so fascinating.

One of my goals in life is to travel around the world or al least I would like to visit as much countries as I can. That said, I can be considered as a potential migrant who wants to incorporate new traditions and cultures in each journey.

Over the past decades, my country has received migrants from border countries who leave their homes for better life conditions. The majority of these families tend to concentrate in Buenos Aires metropolitan area while others are more distributed along the country. As a citizen who lives in the capital city, I see how migration is often criticized by Argentinians. Many local natives think these travelers occupy their jobs making migrants hard to adapt both socially and culturally.

I belong to the UCA journalist community. I identify myself with the rest of my college students because I believe we have the same interests. As my country’s education system is very politicized, I’m afraid our academic formation has ideological interests and thus they can be transmitted to the media in the future. Finally, migration affects our community in the sense of having foreign students in class and also, travelling abroad on behalf of the UCA like myself in Salzburg.

This personal narrative was written at the 2016 Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change. It exists as part of a digital publication called MOVE which aims to educate readers on the social, political, and cultural impacts of global migration. All stories published in MOVE were created at the 2016 Salzburg Academy on Media and Global Change by students and faculty from around the world.

Pontificial Catholic University of Argentina (UCA) located in the city of Puerto Madero.
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