Prague Blockchain Week #3 — How about all of that swag that’s left?

You can always donate the necessary t-shirts and bags to the charity so why not just do that!

Option 1 — to someones hands

Bring all of your swag to this address before 5:45 pm today!

Farní Charita Praha 1

Address: Žitná 35, Praha, 110 00

Tel: +420 724 355 337

Option 2 — containers

There is plenty of charity clothes containers around the time. Even thou this page in Czech, it’s just a list of addresses of where to find these, so it should be super simple for to find them:

Option 3 — last resort

Consider this just in case it’s really that bad and you cannot handle your swag yourself.

Leave your t-shirts at the swag booth! Only t-shirts please, nothing else!

Please ping me before you decide to do so, here: @JosefJelaci