PragueBlockchainWeek Guide #2 arrival

So some of you are probably already enjoying the #cryptolife hackathon, but for those of you who are about to leave for the trip, this is the information you could find helpful.


  1. Open google maps, insert address, follow the navigation!
  2. For cash exchange go to this place: (skip airport & main station exchanges) or use the two-way ATM at Status hackathon venue or Paralelni Polis!
  3. For ATM withdrawals use ATMs located in bank branches (skip EuroNet, etc.).



The airport is small, quite easy to navigate — there are two terminal T1 (‘non-Shengen’ area) and T2 (‘Schengen’ area), once you pick your luggage aim for the exit and watch for people in Ethereum/Devcon t-shirts/signs. Once out, connect to free WiFi and order an Uber/Liftago to your hotel!


Chances are you will flight to Prague from or via another airport in the ‘Shengen’ area. In such case you will land at the Terminal 2. There isn’t really anything interesting at the gates so you can head directly to the baggage claim and straight to the exit! It’s easy, just follow the signs :) you shouldn’t be bothered with identity check (unless you look suspicious).

When you get out, there isn’t really a lot of options:

Public transport

A) Bus

Just buy a one way ticket for 32 czk (1,2 dai) and you should be fine for 90 minutes (which will last you pretty much anywhere in the city). There are machines inside and also at the bus stops.

Look for the number 119 to take you to “Nadrazi Veleslavin” where you will take a metro to the center.

Alternatively you can take an AirportExpress bus operated by Czech Railways company which will take you the main station (city center) — this is like 60 czk (cash only) and the regular public transport tickets aren’t valid here.

B) Train

If you expected a train.. Hmm well, that’s a bummer because there is NONE yet! :’(

C) Oldschool Taxi

If you want to pay like 500–1000 czk to get to your hotel get a regular taxi — be careful, Prague taxi drivers are known for being grumpy and kind of scammy

D) Liftago/Uber

Better option IMO is to get an app. As said in the previous article, there is free WiFi at the airport, so you can order a car while inside. Sometimes the Uber drivers can be reluctant to arrive closer to the arrivals as some of the Taxi drivers are kind of assholes and will go as far as approaching you (the customer) and being annoying. If decide to go with Liftago, you are basically ordering a registered taxi with in a uber-like app and price (also you can use a promo code DEVCON2018 for a small discount on 2 rides with Liftago)

Comment: They didn’t pay me for this, I just like supporting local companies ;)

Main train station:

If you arrive from Berlin (yes Web3 Foundation party train, I’m looking at you!) there are two stops in Prague. You are most likely heading over to the main train station, but if you stay in the northern parts it might be better for you to get out at “Praha Holesovice” — small train station which is right at metro and tram stations to the nearby areas.

If the cryptoanarchist paradise (tweet link) is the place you are aiming for — you can leave in Holesovice ;)

Once you are the at main train station, the metro is right there. If you want to go to the Devcon venue right away, the fastest way is the subway — head towards the exit, get a public transport ticket (24/32 czk ones will both do) and enter the metro in directions “Haje” — entrance closer to the exit of the train station aaaand it’s just 3 stops (Muzeum, IP Pavlova, Vysehrad!).

If you are looking for a taxi — there are signs which you should follow. The Uber assembly point is on the ground level assesable only from the old buidling — it’s super confusing, so you might want to just walk out of the main station, walk through a small park and order an Uber/Liftago/Taxi there.

By car:

Well you have a GPS, don’t you? But here is a few hints anyways:

  1. Try to avoid the city center as much as possible
  2. Don’t park your car in residential blue zones — there is car with cameras driving through the streets scanning the plates all the time (creepy right?!) — So just make sure your accommodation provides a parking lot for you!
  3. There is lots of speed cameras everywhere, especially on the ring.