Insurance for Your Everyday Hobbies

Having appropriate insurance is mega important in today’s day and age. But, life insurance is perhaps the most undersold type of insurance for what it’s actually worth. So many people feel no need to have coverage for their lives, yet there are many reasons to actually have it.

Check out our list of “fun” life hobbies that warrant getting a policy. Just in case.

Traveling internationally.

This one is a no brainer. Being away in some foreign country can be extremely dangerous, especially if you’re not familiar with the territory you’ll be traveling in. Sometimes, it seems like anything goes in some countries that are rather underdeveloped. Making sure you know the rules of the road from one country to the next is quite important to maintain your safety and knowledge of that nation’s customs.

Attending music festivals.

Music festivals are probably one of the last places you would expect to worry about your safety, but a big part of it is the scene itself. So long as you know yourself and the people you’re with, you should be alright. Hydration is key and making sure to at least know what kind of drugs you’re getting involved with (though staying away from them is generally a better idea) is important.

For the most part, you should be fine when going to a festival. But if you’re not prepared and at least somewhat in the know with the particular festival you’re going to, things can get quite sticky. Just another reason to have insurance to make sure you’re covered.


Hiking can be such a healthy and beautiful experience when with the right people and going in with a good mindset. The land is beautiful. Conquering mountains is amazing. It’s all just a great, feel-good experience.

The problem is, it can also be quite dangerous. Slipping down a particularly large mountain, falling off ledges, and other “unimaginable” mishaps await unprepared hikers.

However, if you go in with a prepared group, the right gear, and a great lay of the land, you can safely traverse even the toughest of trails out there. Nonetheless,

Road tripping.

Finally, driving cross country is quite dangerous just considering the statistics of Americans being injured more often in car accidents that perhaps any other encounter. Even though you may be a careful and safe driver, the trip isn’t guaranteed to be safe because of other drivers.

Again, having some sort of policy for life insurance in effect can be the best idea in the off chance that something goes awry.