Amazon is king. Isn’t it?

What chance does a startup like Publica have?

It’s not a competition if you’re not looking in the same places.

The same chance that Amazon had when it started up.

Amazon used the Internet evolution.

Publica uses the blockchain evolution. That’s not the Internet you’re used to.

Evolution happens.

Don’t worry about Publica. We may be small now but we’re pretty fierce in our own way.

96% of the world’s people don’t buy anything from Amazon. 85% of the world’s books aren’t listed there. A growing number of ebooks aren’t sold at all — they’re given away for free. Cory Doctorow tells that story very well.

Publica helps authors get paid directly from their readers’ wallets to theirs, at any price set by the author alone, to and from any nation, in any kind of money, including tokens and cryptocurrencies.

It’s not Amazon’s kingdom, it’s Publica’s. Amazon has no dog in that hunt.