One thing that the pandemic is teaching us is the extent to which we are all connected; our individual health is only as strong as our community’s health and vice versa.

1. Practice tools that regulate your nervous system if you’re feeling off your center. Use your body’s innate resources:

2. Implement a flexible structure while maintaining boundaries:

3. Where you place your attention is where you put your power:

4. Play! Children and adults alike have a basic human need for fun, play and movement. It is crucial that we gift ourselves with moments of joy, laughter, and social connection which can take many forms:

5. Finally, KNOW your privilege and be of service. Nothing feels as good as giving.


*Please discuss with your own health provider, including your mental health professional, for guidance and customized tools that are optimal for you.




Therapist/Advocate of Silence/Holder of Space. www.theheldspace.com

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José F. Mata, LMFT

José F. Mata, LMFT

Therapist/Advocate of Silence/Holder of Space. www.theheldspace.com

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