If you want to know why Men fall asleep after sex (and can’t do anything about it!), read this…

Men fall asleep after sex, that’s a fact. But it’s not because they are rude or not interested in their woman, no. There are other reasons. Let’s find out.

Men are hunters and have been so for thousands and thousands of years, even millions. They hunted for food back in the days and nowadays they hunt for success, victory, women, men, accomplishments, acknowledgement. Modern Day men find these hunting equivalents in their job, business, activities, sports,…

The relaxing feeling of victory after having built up tension is what a man is looking for in his life. He will always be looking for the next „release“. In fact, he is actually looking for the peace that follow the „release“. It is an almost death-like peace state of mind.

Men fall asleep after sex because they have accomplished their goal and can relax in their success. They „die“ so to speak, in the aftermath of their ejaculation. They celebrate their victory and relax in the arms of silence.

By the way, orgasm is „la petite mort“ in French, which translates into „little death“. Get the drift?

Now, there is nothing a man can do about that. He cums, turns around, snores. A woman, on the other hand, if not on a certain level of awareness, will have her ego get hurt by this behaviour. She thinks that a man is just rude and doesn’t care about her feelings when snoring away after sex.

You see, a woman is differently wired than a man. She is deeply rooted in her emotions. She is the ocean that is always seeking harmony. Before, during and after sex. She does not pursue this male goal of release or freedom, of victory, or „death“.

No, she is looking for love and harmony!

Now just imagine the quarrel potential for a normal relationship where both are completely unaware of this! The unaware man doesn’t give a shit anyway and turns around after sex, snoring away. And the woman? She is pissed off by his behaviour, thinking that he doesn’t care about her feelings. She wants to build harmony and love after sex, while he is snoring.

Aware women know that a man cannot do anything about it. They accept it and appreciate the time they had spent with her man in bed. A woman who is aware knows that her man’s orgasm is the ultimate victory to him, the peak, the summit he was trying to reach. He needs to celebrate his success. In a way, a man can relax in the arms of silence because in this death, there is no danger from which he must protect his woman.

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