Why Von Urbanovsky personally delivers its high jewelry creations to anywhere in the world

Shopping has become a daily habit. We are so used to next-day-delivery that we almost do not know how we could have ever survived without it.

In Luxury, however, it is never about speed. Luxury is about passion for details, meticulous craftsmanship and patience. It takes time to create a masterpiece. Especially if a brand decides to create only 12 pieces per year to ensure utmost quality and exclusivity.

„We don’t rush things. It has taken us years to come up with the simplicity of THE EMBRACELET™. Our passion does not end at the post office. We take pride in delivering every single piece of our collection by one of our representatives. Our customers enjoy the private atmosphere of their mansion, private yacht or hotel suite. Wherever they prefer“, explains Josef Reisz, CEO of Von Urbanovsky.

„People have called us crazy for providing such an extraordinary service. But that’s what we believe in. We believe in customer service that goes the extra mile. Or, in our case, flies the extra mile“, Mr. Reisz continues.

Von Urbanovsky doesn’t compromise on service nor on quality. THE EMBRACELET™, the brand’s iconic pearl bracelet, has received raving feedback by their customers. And the personal delivery service is included. Price available upon inquiry only.

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