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Choose one of A,B or C to finish each sentence to create your own match report of Australia’s Ashes retaining win over England at Old Trafford, as well as further comments on the series in general.

Australia retained the Ashes at Old Trafford after

A) England batted with grit and determination to come within 13 overs of keeping the series alive.

B) England were once again the inferior side losing by 185 runs.

C) Manchester provided spectators with its only cloudless day of the summer, selfishly meaning the game wasn’t suspended early for bad light.

The hosts, who are now…

Image credit: Camille Dupont

Former Tour de France champion Vincenzo Nibali sits casually, with a wry smile in front of the Bahrain Merida stand at the World Travel Market in London.

The Italian cyclist would rather be enjoying his time off now that the season has come to a close. Instead, he is eye candy in front of an ‘Experience Arabia’ poster, a very different role than usual for the five-time Grand Tour winner.

The 34-year-old, known for his grace on the bike, is also charming off it. He welcomes every passer-by with the same radiance, whether cycling fan or novice. …

“I was lucky to have done the very first drawing of Toothless,” says Simon Otto with a huge grin. For me, Toothless represents the relationship I had as a child with my cat, and those drawings are very, very similar to how you see it in the film.

“He is my favourite character, he’s something that lives inside of me, and it’s a character that has a life of its own now. It’s not only a creation, it’s out on the internet, out in the world and out in people’s minds and that’s something that’s rare and really powerful.”

Simon Otto / Image courtesy of Premier Comms


“It really got a little sad towards the end,” says DreamWorks supervising animator Thomas Grummt, who, for the last two years, has worked considerably on the critically acclaimed How To Train Your Dragon 3: The Hidden World.

“When everybody realised that you’re doing last scenes with these characters that you’ve come to really like over these years. That’s when it really hit people that you’ll probably never animate them again. Maybe ever.”

Thomas Grummt / Image courtesy of Premier Comms

The How To Train Your Dragon franchise has come a long way from Cressida Cowell’s original children’s book, released in 2003. After the first movie grossed nearly $500…

Flickr — Keith Allison

A tempest of praise encircled Tiger Woods last Sunday, from sports stars to pundits, actors to presidents the 15-time major winner was lavishly serenaded as he prowled off the soft turf at Augusta’s 18th hole. Not since the 2008 US Open had Woods lifted one of golf’s coveted majors. Following spinal injuries, a marital breakdown and a DUI charge most thought he’d never win another. Indeed four years ago one was hemmed in with obituaries expressing Woods’ calamitous golfing denouement. He had just shot a round of 80 at the US Open, his worst at a major; TV commentator Butch…

Head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov said in 2017 that,“(Vladimir) Putin should be made president (of Russia) for life,” stating “strong rule is needed” and “democracy is all but an American fabrication.” —

“I officially declare to human rights activists: after the end of the trial, Chechnya will be forbidden territory for them, like it is for terrorists and extremists.”

Razman Kadyrov runs his South Russian federal province on an allotment of turbulence, agitation and dominance. His message to local police forces was broadcast on Chechen media last August, ruffling the feathers of amnesty observers worldwide. The trial in question ended on Monday. Needless to say, the defendant, a human rights watcher, was found guilty. His liberty, of which he would argue was already scantily draped, stripped from him.

This case was fabricated…

Defense Imagery Management Operations Center — SSgt. Jocelyn A. Guthrie, Creative Commons

The Congo river slithers through central Africa’s sleepy tropical bush with a collective lethargy. It twists through The Congo Rainforest, the planet’s second lung behind the Amazon, where the climate is too hot and humid to do anything more than gently float by African teak trees housing Okapis, Bonobos and West Lowland Gorillas.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, a nation the size of Western Europe, over half of its 85 million residents live rurally, often in mud huts fenced by imposing wenge trees within jungle clearings throughout the damp Congo basin.

It has recently had an election. The surprising…

Flickr — Felton Davis, Creative Commons

Nothing encapsulates the frailty of the human body more than an image of a malnourished child. To see one in Yemen, you do not have to look too far. Here, 130 children a day are dying from extreme hunger.

Across the capital, Sana’a, the starving lie, parked in dwarfing beds in the sprinkling of hospitals that have defiantly remained open. They have transformed into an anatomical curiosity, with over-pronounced skeletons their bodies are now transparent, naked to onlookers. No curves, every inch of their surface straight and square.

The persecuted look deformed, inhuman. To some, they are virtually alien in…

Wikimedia Commons

They leave Tripoli under the dark veil of the night. Huddled indiscriminately aboard patchworked boats, barely floating, inching northwards. They dream of Europe and its values, praying its security will fall upon them. A smile breaks through a collection of dry, cracked lips, revealing ice-white teeth and parched underused tongues.

But, the mirage is soon broken. These people are Libyans running from the latest conflict in their homeland. They are denied basic human rights back home and they will soon be denied them in the waters of Europe. Shunned by their mythical heroes who have no obligations of care or…

Flickr —

Around 3 o’clock on Saturday I was concluding my shift for Manchester United’s television channel MUTV. Two cameramen and I had recently filmed United’s under 18s victory at home to Newcastle at the club’s training ground, Carrington. The denouement of our handicraft required us to rebound all the production equipment back to their cosy home, a small, dingy cupboard deep in the bowels of Old Trafford.

Though it was still two hours until Manchester United seniors would take on their Newcastle counterparts, the communal plaza skirting the stadium was already awash with supporters. It’s an eerie feat lugging a £10,000…

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UK born freelancer for BBC Sport and The National Student, Twitter — @joe_rindl

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