Don’t Be Fooled: “Don’t be Fooled: Why Bernie Supporters Should Stay Clear of Gary Johnson”

Gary Johnson is correctly pictured to the left of Bernie Sanders…

This election has been a true rollercoaster ride of emotions. Even more so in the middle of this wave of political interest that seems to come in only when major events occur. It comes as no surprise that with Bernie no longer being an option this November, many of his supporters are displaced and confused. While the logical choice would be to vote for the party they “belong” to (because apparently the party owns you), some have considered voting for a third party candidate. I must admit, this article is entirely me being passive-aggressive at those who seemingly cannot form well researched, educated opinions for themselves. Articles like these can be written by anyone — literally (I mean literally) anyone. I went to this website ( and clicked the button that says “Write a Story” and I was somehow immediately credible to thousands of people who believe everything they read if the website looks decent.

One article in particular had me feeling a little confused. I was not going to say anything about it because I thought, “Well, don’t be that guy.” but then, after thinking on it, I decided that I would be that guy. I don’t mean to belittle the writer of the article, everyone is entitled to their opinions and I am certainly not knocking journalists at any stage; what I do mean to do is set something straight. While some of the research done on the front-end of the article was seemingly accurate, much of it was generalized — poorly, I might add. I’ll briefly list these generalizations…

Disclaimer: I am not trying to argue that everyone should vote Libertarian; instead, I wish to clear misconceptions made by ill-informed individuals.

  1. Libertarians believe that we should have as minimal government as possible. True. We should have as little government as possible, government spends a lot of money very inefficiently. Libertarians, however, do not want to cut all funding from projects. At this point, that would cost jobs and a lot of money. It’s not feasible and most intelligent people know that. To learn more about why Libertarians would possibly want to do that try researching Privatization vs. the Public Sector and see that you’d probably be better off with the private sector.
  2. Libertarians want to remove government protections of civil rights? Where does that even come from? The Democratic Party’s initial platform from the 1800s? Perhaps. No. Libertarians do not want to take civil rights away, that would be chaos and practically no one (except radical groups) wants that.
  3. Libertarians want to allow corrupt financial institutions to do business unregulated. No. They want to deregulate many businesses, but that does not mean they want to deregulate all business. Businesses, like financial institutions, are not the businesses intended to be deregulated. In fact, Gary Johnson and Bill Weld have both spoken openly about holding corrupt financial institutions to the utmost highest of standards.
  4. Libertarians want to remove policies that preserve the environment and protect our natural resources. Extremely False. It took me 30 seconds on a poor internet connection to Gary Johnson/Bill Weld’s website ( to see these words: “The environment is a precious gift and needs to be protected.” I encourage you to go to the link and look at the other issues listed.
  5. Libertarians believe in states’ rights therefore they must be for segregation of restaurants, paying for sex, and homophobia. Out of Context. Libertarians believe in a state’s right to choose what is best for their state on matters like legalization/decriminalization of marijuana and taxations of “sin products”. To even insinuate that Libertarians would want to give states the right to bring back segregated restaurants or outlaw gay marriage is grossly inaccurate. In fact, Libertarians “Don’t Give A Damn” what you do socially. One of the core beliefs of Modern Libertarians (not the old-school, civics textbook definition of Libertarians) is to be tolerant of all people.

I could go on, however, I really don’t feel the need to go through every detail of a party’s platform just because someone (just like me) got a couple followers on a very accessible “news Website” and told people misleading information. While he/she may make valid points from their perspective — it should be taken with a grain of salt. It is, after all, THEIR perspective. Not YOURS. My opinions and viewpoints are entirely different from yours, and should also be viewed as my opinions and not your own. Instead of listening to blogs and allowing them to form your opinions for you; take the time and visit the candidates’ platforms and make a decision based on that alone.

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