Live in punta Cana

I greet each one of you, from here, from where I live: Punta Cana, one of my favorite places of my country, Dominican Republic. You must imagine that I open my eyes, I run the curtain and see the sea, I open the door and floor the sand of the beach, but no, I do not see the sea from the house, but if I get into the car in 3 minutes my feet sink in White sand on the beach, so not so bad, right? I trust that someday I will live in the footsteps of my beloved beach, the dream of every islander.

I want to strengthen our relationship, to be friends, confidants, I want to know more about you and that you know more about me, more about us, more about I Love Punta Cana than we are, what we want from what we do and why we we make.

Today was a summer day, although it is always summer here, but it has been an especially pleasant day despite the high temperatures, which have remained at around 31ºC. The cool breeze, which caresses my skin, my hair and my smile, fortunately, have softened the intense heat radiating the sun.
The sky with its bright blue, has been filled with those clouds that appear to be like cotton: white and fluffy, like the cartoon. The little birds fly and sing, and the sound of the palm trees make the perfect combination, almost as if they had agreed. And so are the days in this earthly paradise, which has stolen my heart.

My intention is to tell you stories of what we live, what we do, what we like and things we would like to do, experiences that you can live and make history from here to your lives.

If your passion is to travel, if you want to learn to surf, if you like parties, if you want beach, enjoy the sun, if you prefer nature, if you are adventurous and prefer to come on your own, if you travel with backpack, or if you want A 5 star hotel, if you want a villa, if you play golf, if you like excursions, stroll through the sea, swim with dolphins, a spa in the middle of the sea, if you enjoy good food and want to go to a good restaurant , Or if you just feed yourself to live, if the mall releases your stress, if you are from the nightlife and you need to have guaranteed good parties, or if you just do not want to do anything, just rest or want to come with your partner to a hotel just for Adults, or a water park for the children and the whole family, if you like the tropics, or you want to hide from the winter, if you want to enjoy a boutique hotel, or roll down the road and give yourself a virgin beach and Explore, dive and get to know the seabed and find Nemo, Dorys or a treasure … dare and come.

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