The one new year resolution that works

Every year we forget that continuing to be as we are, we will get the same results obtained so far. That happens with our new year resolutions — without growing, without developing more, we hope that this time we will do what we resolve. Thus, my wish for you this year is to grow and make others grow. Our development and the support we can give others to develop, has no limits.

In this coming year you can decide to grow …

  • Intellectually by learning new knowledge or skills; unlearning what you do not need; and supporting others in their learning. In your profession or in other areas, for the most interesting problems involve the contribution and integration of various perspectives.
  • Emotionally by increasing your emotional vocabulary, being sensitive to your emotional states and knowing how to communicate your feelings, achieving positive emotional states, flowing in a controlled manner from one emotional state to another, being empathetic to the emotions of others and supporting them in the development of all of this that is called “emotional intelligence”
  • Socially by developing new friendships and networks, enhancing those that you already have, canceling harmful relationahips and supporting others in the development of their social intelligence.
  • Physically by taking care of your health, doing sport, inviting and supporting others to take care of themselves.
  • Spiritually by finding your own answers to the eternal questions Why am I here? What is my mission in life? Why the infinitesimal chance that I was born and am currently reading this? How can I support others in developing their spirituality?
  • Temporally and spatially by increasing your perspective of space and time in the future. What will happen with me, my family, my group of friends, my community, neighborhood, society, country, mankind, our planet … in a year or a century or forever? How can I support the future development of all of this?
  • Economically. I leave it at the end, as Being and Doing will always be more important than Having. Nevertheless Having, if it is shared, can enable the development of others in their Being and Doing …

I invite you to share this time each year what kind of growth did you have, and how you supported others in their growing. That will generate in you a positive mood for the next annual period. I also suggest *not* to set specific metrics and dates -that usually does not work. Just have present in your mind the different kinds of growth you may have, and don’t forget to allocate time for your development and your support of other’s development.

(Spanish version of this post in my blog)