Imagina que tenemos dos símbolos de Sketch que por algún motivo (por copiar o importar otros componentes, por ejemplo), tenemos duplicados en nuestra página de símbolos.

Ambos son exactamente iguales pero con diferentes nombres y nos gustaría unificarlo en un único símbolo sin perder las propiedades que nos da tener un símbolo. Es decir, poder modificar todas sus instancias allá donde aparezcan simplemente modificando el símbolo original. Así es como funcionan los símbolos en Sketch normalmente.

En este ejemplo, únicamente para diferenciarlos, haremos dos símbolos de prueba iguales a excepción de su estilo de texto (uno está tachado).

Written assignments from the Gamification course offered by Coursera

I’ve recently finished the Prof Kevin Werbach‘s class on Gamification course by University of Pennsylvania offered by Coursera, gaining more perspective about what gamification is and how to apply and design it.

During the course there are three written assignments that were peer graded by 5 persons, and I would like to share mine:

Assignment 1 — Definition. Cereals Incorporated.

Scenario 1:

You are an employee of Cereals Incorporated, a large manufacturer of breakfast food products. Your supervisor, Madison County, approaches you because she knows you recently took a course on gamification, which she has heard will revolutionize marketing.

She tells you that Cereals Inc. is about to…

Case study part 2: IA & UI

NOTE: Please, read first the UX Research of this project to understand it!

Watcher was the winner project of the October 2018 Ironhack Madrid Hackshow.

Watcher mockup

Visual competitive analysis

In this project we had big problems to find references because bullying is a taboo in the current society and all the platforms we’ve found in our benchmark when doing the UX research are only available to test if you’re a school. We only could find a demo of AppVise as a reference, but not too much more.

Anyway, we were looking for other school platforms and features like our product has: calendar, task management…

Case study part 2: IA & UI

NOTE: If you haven’t read the first part (UX Research) of this product, I recommend you to do it first!

After finish the UX research of this project, we have to make it visual! Let’s see the steps to achieve it.

Kekomo mockup

Visual competitive analysis

A benchmark is always a good way to start, so we studied all my possible competitors: diets and pregnancy apps.

We’ve listed fonts, colors, brand attributes, pictures, shapes… everything we thought it could be useful.

Case study part 1: UX Research

Here is it, my final project in the Ironhack UX / UI Bootcamp! I was looking for a project that I really like and I asked myself: If I have to work in a project, what kind of a project I would like? Hmm…

It was easier thanks to Sherezade J.M, a superwoman who is psychologist, educational counselor, teacher and mom. She has a wide experience in schools and she showed me the big problem bullying is nowadays in Spain and how difficult is to face it.

Almost every day there are news about bullying. I found studies from ANAR…

El problema

Hace unos días tuve que viajar en AVE de forma imprevista por motivos personales por lo que me encontraba a las 1 de la madrugada comprando el primer billete de AVE que saliese al día siguiente, o sea, a las 7:30h.

Uff…Ya pensaba en el buen madrugón que me iba a tocar y en irme olvidando de las 8h recomendadas para descansar. Aunque siendo papá eso ya es para mí un mito. Más aún si sumamos que vivo en Madrid, con el consiguiente atasco de ir a la estación de Atocha.

Compré mis billetes sin problema y Renfe te envía…

Case study part 1: UX Research

About the project

This is a case study for a UX project as student of Ironhack. Our fictional client NWI is a traditional organization founded with the mission of providing health promotion and wellness professionals unparalleled resources and services that fuel professional and personal growth. They were very successful in the past, but nowadays their program has been slow to catch up with technology and the need our help to create a set of digital wellness tools and update their image.

Our choice is an app that solves doubts about what pregnant and mothers who breastfeed their children can eat, and our goal…

Ironhack Prework 6

To end this prework, we have to choose one website from a list of universities in order to do a usability test and I’ve choosen the University of Virginia. Why? Because it’s also called UVA (grape in spanish) and that’s one of my favourite fruits. Just kidding… This University it’s named World Heritage Site by UNESCO and not all universities have this award! It was founded by Thomas Jefferson un 1819 and now it’s divided in 12 schools.

UVA — from 1819

Usability test

My wife makes me company and she will be meticulously observed and interviewed by me. She’s nearly 30 and works as a…

Ironhack Prework 5

In the last exercise we have done some wireframes with Sketch of a few screens of a sharing car app. And now, for the next trick, we have to bring to life those screens with inVision!

Remember the wireframes

To test the prototype, please, follow the link below. You don’t need to download of install anything.

You can interact with those screens like a mobile app, but obviously the functions are limited like a demo of a beta version showing how this app could look like in the future. The main functions of this demo are: find available cars, add filters, register and login.

Ironhack Prework 4

Welcome for my very first wireframe in Sketch! This time I had to do “reverse engineer” from a high-fidelity mockup of a sharing car app to a mid-fidelity wireframes.

First of all, if you don’t know what a wireframe is, I recommend you to read this article, but I’ll let you know quickly they are very simple, clear design always shown in black and white, focusing in the features the app offers and not in how beauty it is. So…it has no color, no typography, no graphs, only skeleton.

My first wireframe in Sketch

In Real World® this would be the one of the first…

Jose I Acedo

UX & Conversational Designer. Paradigma Digital @ Madrid. Visit me at

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