Apple, it’s time to merge iOS with macOS
Avi Barel

I agree with you. Apple should develop a common platform for all their devices, where UI can be dynamic. But currently, such an implementation on existing systems may be a bad decision (business perspective) for Apple. ’cause, they have a backing app store for their iOS platform, and a different ecosystem for Mac OS. Today, apps determines (large extend) who the winner is, that’s why Microsoft failed in mobile market(even though Microsoft’s vision’s futuristic). Even Microsoft can’t handle PC apps (which keeps Windows a winner over Mac) on mobile devices through this merge concepts.

iPad pros (especially 12" one) have the potential to replace personal laptops, but it should me more open to the users. Mac-iOS merging could help a lot in this scenario. More open backend functionalities of Mac (you know, apple’s got the least open OS when compared) + more user friendly frontend = better personal tablets. Even though its a good product, target customer base will not be that much bigger. So, what’s point in developing it?

In my opinion, Apple may be waiting for that next generation of products, while they have maximum profit from current setup. They have a history of secret projects. Currently a lot of new techs out there at their bleeding edge, which may change the way we interact with devices, and the way they work. May be in the upcoming future, these touch interface itself may get less frequently used among other interfaces (AR, VR, speech, vision, touch). It may change the way we design apps, where web becomes more deep into our lives including your car (IoT), as an after effect of this, cross platform apps may become more popular (inherent property of web), where a web browser may act as a window manager which abstracts away OS & H/W— thank god, only one app need to be updated, and websites becomes native apps(WASM).

I don’t know…… Anyway good article..

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