Artist Statement

Jose Larios
Oct 1, 2018 · 2 min read

Even though I may come off as meek from first impressions, I am energetic and expressive as I make sure that part of me is showcase in my art. I utilize storyboards in conveying emotion and movement from the work I come up with. From camera angles and close-up shots, the dynamic action you receive from them brings the scene to life. The appreciation from the art of cinematography and story-building are from the films and sitcoms I have grew up with. My inspiration for drawing comes from an early age where I was exposed to animated superheros shows like Spiderman and X-Men along with Japanese anime airing in Cartoon Network. Creating art that expresses all my emotions but also my interests such as cats or anime. For fun or to winding up I come up with character designs based on people who have made an impact around me from their personality or distinctive outwork appearance. Usually there simply based on interest like dinosaurs where I go ahead and draw them with personalities derived from what i think would be a good match for them from my personal thoughts based on surroundings or upbringing.

Work Description

I am busy working on school projects where I go on and apply my interests to have my personality and influence represented on them. I upload my projects on Instagram to show what I am currently working on with bits and pieces with the final product release as it captures interests before the big unveiling. In my down time I loosen up in drawing personal illustrations and short animations, but showing my current mood expressed in my art.

Jose Larios

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