Why should everybody learn programming?

Hey fellas,

Today I am talking about the most common struggle between developers (or at least me) and the clients.

And what is that struggle, should you ask. Well, the clients (or the people who don’t know how programming works) thinks making an application is just drag and drop, copy and paste, change some text et voilá or even better: makeApplication(‘beautiful’). If you are one of this persons, I have something to tell you: roses are red, violets are blue, life is hard, programming too. Nobody takes a programming related university course to learn how to work with Dreamweaver or Wordpress.

Applications are like make a new building or a bridge. Questions like — how should we make this?; how can we connect this with that?; how can we know what user did to make the app to break? — need to be answered. So you cannot expect a great application if you don’t give the needed time. By the way, this practice means the programmer job is not valued.

Even if these people read about this articles or even hear developer complain about this subject, they will never understand why it’s so difficult. Thus, what should these people do? You are right, learn programming. Even if they learn only the basics, should be enough to understand the programmer job. In fact, many schools from all over the world are already teaching their students how to program. I know only few of them would like to continue programming, but the others would know a little how a machine works. And we are in a time where everyday we hear about a new technology, so people need to upgrade.

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