Moving On

Here it comes. The end of my Army career is looming and now it’s time to take the civilian path. So far, nothing seems real. I have been a Soldier for so long that I hardly remember what it was like to be out with no military benefits or structure. I plan to chronicle my transition and hope that it will also help any others that will need to make the same transition in the future.

Currently, I am on step 1. I have already turned in my “Request for Voluntary Retirement” paperwork. It involved a few forms and the calculation of all my leave (vacation) days I have earned and will earn in the next 12 months. This is needed in order to know when I am able to start “Terminal Leave” before the actual retirement date.

I am feeling a little nervous about getting my housing and employment needs taken care of. We plan to go down to Tampa and start our new chapter in life. I will keep this updated as I move on in the transition.