Where do you see yourself in five years?

Day 1 — or The most (un)productive day of history

You go to that amazing job interview, the job of your dreams. The interview goes well until the most fastidious of questions takes place: “Where do you see yourself in five years?”, the catch is that HR professionals have improved on it and created a series of variations, such as: “How the top looks like for you?”, or even a most soft porn one: “What is your dream job?”. (As if they were to create such a position in the company, just to fit your needs).

You leave the interview, a few days later you get an offer (or not) and is finally hired. The first days are amazing, the work environment is cool, people are friendly, and the company is worried about your well-being, or so you think. I’m pretty sure that your future in the company can be easily defined by these first moments. And they can be either a success or a huge failure.

What most people don’t realize is that the experience contract goes both ways, a few months for you to decide if the company is a good place and for the to decide if you’re a good match. You too should take this experience period very seriously, otherwise you’ll be vulnerable to an expectations pitfall.

But then you set your self comfortable, life is what it is and you accept it. That’s when you label yourself a mere human resource. Resource. The illusion goes on with you thinking that the HR department is going to help you, truth be told, at the most they will harm you. There are plenty of other resources ready to take your place, the bigger the company, the more replaceable you are, Just like the IT department switch the computers, the HR department switch the resources.

The only remaining choice are the most extreme possible, at the end, you win, the company, stays the same, after all another resource took your place, ready to be switched at the lesser sign of flaw imaginable. And the so called fiveyears vanish in a fantasy office that never existed.

“To lie to yourself is the same as hammer a rusted nail on your soul.”