WealthTech Start-ups are Tough…

While the entrepreneurial community tends to glorify startups and demonize incumbents, could the incumbents be the heroes that come in and deliver a win-win?

But tackling these new segments is tough and risky and incumbents have to pick their battles as to when to build, partner or invest.

By not investing in building engines for their future growth, they may be shooting themselves in the foot.

These companies understand that building a pipeline and portfolio of new ventures as their engine for future growth, enabling them to tackle new markets and segments with agility, is critical for them to survive and thrive.

“If you stand still, you fall backwards. There is no stasis” — J. Peterson.




VC-Backed Founder | Entrepreneur in Residence @ M49

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Jose L Sampedro Mazon

Jose L Sampedro Mazon

VC-Backed Founder | Entrepreneur in Residence @ M49

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