Project kick off!

Today (10/16/2017) was the official kick off of the CSC ZA 17 projects.

Even though we’ve been in Joburg for just a few days we all feel it’s been a few months, but not in a bad way… I think we’ve just done so many different things and packed so much in just 3 days that it feels like so much more.

Day 3 was packed as we got to meet our clients and introduce our projects to top officials of the Joburg municipality and local press.

I had the honour to make the introduction on behalf of my sub team, which is obviosly a challenge as the officials present have been involved in the program long before we did.

I’ll talk more about our project on future blogs, and once we get clearance to talk about it through this format.

The sub team I was assigned to is conformed of Preethi (India, Cloud Platform), Matt (Australia, Cloud architecht), Kathleen (Canada, Bid Manager) and myself. They are all incredibly knowledgeable of their respective areas and are great fun to be around.

We have been working with Shane Radford (Media & Entertainment Industry Leader for MEA), who has been orienting and introducing the program to us, pointing out it’s challenges and guiding us towards the right direction for us to get started.

We will also be collaborating with Researchers from the IBM SA lab who will be involved in the project over the next few weeks.



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